Connections Back To Normal

Posted on April 2005 at about 3:11 PM by hwa

The time now is 3pm something, and i don’t know what happen, the connection is back to OK stage.

I mean, suddenly the connection is back to normal, not fast, but normal, at least i can write my blog and refresh the page in a satisfaction speed, and also i can go to my favorite forum… AT LAST!!!

Well i still experience a little bit lag here, especially when i login to my Gmail where as usual, i have to wait for quite some time in order for the mail to load.

Oh well!! Can’t complain too much, TMnet bring back the speed is consider ok already, because before this i don’t know until when i have to suffer. As for whether they got upgrade their line or not, i don’t think so. 😛

So It’s Not Only Me…

Posted on April 2005 at about 11:35 PM by hwa

Latest news about the crappy connection!! Looks like it’s not only me who face this problem, but people from all over Malaysia!! (i think :P) Just now my friend from Cheras ask me whether got lag or not and i said YES!!! I asked my brother which now in Perak and he say the same thing, and he couldn’t login to Friendster!!

Don’t know what TMnet is up to this time, they better have a good reason for this, hopefully they are upgrading their cable or whatever… 😛

Crappy Connections!!

Posted on April 2005 at about 9:48 PM by hwa

I don’t know what on earth is going on today!! Start from last night, my Internet connection keep on disconnecting, and the server keep on down!! Damn!! And if it’s on, the speed are so slow that the download speed i get from my Flashget is only 2kb/s??? this is worst than dial up!!!

Oh please I’m living in Cyberjaya, where the connection suppose to be super fast. I mean, Cyberjaya is consider as one of the most high tech town in Malaysia with all the fiber optic whatever connection… But this is what i get?? Now i can’t hardly update my anti virus!!! Yeah and of course I’m having trouble to post this blog too!!! argh~~!!

First Post

Posted on April 2005 at about 12:02 AM by hwa

Ah~~! Finally i manage to setup my very own blog, ooo yeah~~

Yeah i know the interface are sucks, but you see i don’t have much time now because I’m having my final exam, yeah right I’m suppose to study right now… DAMN!! So for the time being this will be my blog design.

But anyway!! Having final exam mean holiday is coming ain’t I’m right?!! Haha! So i guess by then i will design a better interface. So stay tune and keep your ass updated!