A Bug In Firefox??

Posted on May 2005 at about 4:56 AM by hwa

I found this strange behavior with my Firefox web browser, when i type a long string without space into a textarea, the horizontal scrollbar will appear.

Well you can test this on your own at any textarea, of course you need a Firefox web browser, the best place would be my shoutbox there. At the message box, just keep pressing a single character until it fill the message box, then the scrollbar will appear, but remember dun press “Shout!” after testing it!! 👿 But if you do the same thing with Internet Explorer the string will continue to the next row.

At first i thought it was my Firefox setting went wrong, so i keep looking for where to find the setting, including typing “About:config” at the address bar there, but still can’t find the setting. so i went search in Google and i found this link here.


So is it a bug? Maybe but people say the Mozilla people are working on it now, so i hope they can solve this problem in the next release.

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