Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Posted on May 2005 at about 1:39 AM by hwa

Yesterday just bought a brand new Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet from for RM38 only! 😆 Yaya i know that it’s damn freaking hell cheap, probably is a fake one maybe, but who care?? It’s RM38, i just hope that the fella who sell it will send me a nice looking one.

Well most of the time you will get a really good deal when you buy in, or any other auction website such as eBay. But the problem is that you can’t choose the product you are buying, especially the item that you need to choose, like my bracelet. 😥 Oh and you need to wait for the item to reach your home also, unless you are going to get it straight from the seller.

Anyway now back to my Blue Tiger Eye!! 😀 I heard people say there’s no such Blue Tiger Eye thing, honestly this is also the first time i heard about Blue Tiger Eye lol! 😆 So I’m not sure about it does exist or not and i don’t really care neither, because that bracelet really caught my eye when i saw it! :p Hey it’s blue you know??!!! 😎

Well!! Now i just hope that i won’t get conned!!

Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

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  1. zachary Says:

    Seems like a bargain, bought the exact same thing for 80 ringgit.
    apparently the bluing occurs once ordinary tiger’s eye is heated

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