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Major Revamp For Twitter Layout

Posted on November 2011 at about 11:43 PM by hwa

If you all have notice, over the pass few days I posted quite a lot of photos, especially from my tweets.

There are reason for this though, one being that I was developing a plugin that can pull images from my tweets and display it in my blog, hence I keep testing it. But now the plugin has complete so I guess I won’t playing much with Twitter photo anymore, at least for now.

The plugin is actually one of the milestone for my blog, as it bring my blog closer to micro blogging, and it also make my tweets much more interesting. 😀 Hopefully I can develop the plugin not only to pull images but also some other stuff, like video or maybe geotagging from Twitter.

Anyway, for now I hope you enjoy my tweet photos, if you see any issue or the layout broken, please do not hesitate to contact me or just comment in the broken post, I’ll get notified. 😉

Twitter Layout Enhancement

Posted on November 2011 at about 6:57 AM by hwa

Just finished some enhancement for my Twitter layout, the design is slightly more appealing, and I personally believe it’s much more cleaner, no messy lines anymore.

I added a Twitter bird as background to indicate that the content are actually tweets. And lastly, I also added a link to my Twitter account, feel free to follow me.

Hope you guys like the new design, let me know if you have any comments.

Twitter Content Layout Refined

Posted on March 2011 at about 5:26 AM by hwa

Just did a minor layout tweaks for twitter contents, now the content and avatar is located top and bottom, instead of left and right like last time. Also some minor redesign such as rounded content box.

Hope you guys like it. 🙂

MicroB Version 1.1

Posted on January 2011 at about 2:53 AM by hwa

MicroB is the theme that I am using now, it’s still in beta but now has been bumped to version 1.1. There aren’t much changes compare to previous one, the major one would be adding the ability to separate content design under specified categories, in my case would be the MicroBlog category.

I hope you guys like the new design, should you encounter any bugs, please contact me and let me know about it, a screenshot will be most appreciated! Thanks!!

An Approach To Microblogging

Posted on January 2011 at about 5:44 AM by hwa

As you can see we have new theme here, a very narrow single column with the sidebar moved to the bottom.

With this new theme, it’s actually an effort of moving towards Microblogging, as you all know I’m not very active in updating my blog, might as well just do it through microblog, where everything is simple and hopefully, only one line.

There are still a few things that need to be tweaked, one for example is that blogs generated by tweets, the title should be removed, as there are no point for a title if the post is from a tweet.

Regardless, we’ll see if this will encourage me to update blog more frequent or not, hopefully yes. 🙂

New Theme, New Beginning!

Posted on October 2010 at about 4:56 AM by hwa

It’s been quite some time since the last time I updated my blog, sorry about that. Anyway, as you can see today we have a brand new theme up and running! 🙂

The theme was inspired from My Envision 1.2 by Tatoon, but was heavily modified and CSS was rebuild from scratch.

I’m still testing out the theme though, so if you found any bugs or malfunctioning of the theme, please do contact me.

I hope you guys like the theme, feel free to voice out what you think about the theme.

Better Mobile Theme

Posted on May 2010 at about 12:58 AM by hwa

Just updated my WordPress mobile theme, not using the Carrington Mobile theme anymore.

I’m using the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin by Crowd Favorite, and because of how the WordPress Mobile Edition works, it allow me to use any standard WordPress theme for my mobile theme.

I’m now using the mobile theme by BlogOhBlog. It’s a very simple theme, straight forward and easy to customize, and I customized the theme as much as I need.

The reason I want to change to new mobile theme is because the Carrington Mobile doesn’t seems to fit very well on a phone screen that’s smaller than iPhone screen width, which is 320 pixels in width. Beside, I don’t really like the grey color of the theme.

You can take a peep at my mobile theme by pointing your mobile browser to Any comments, bugs or suggestions are most welcomed. 🙂

I’m Back! With New Theme!!

Posted on July 2009 at about 5:33 PM by hwa

Here I am again!! After more than a year I didn’t updating my blog, except for the one with my tortoise passed away, it’s a remembrance post for my poor little Betty. 🙁

Anyway let’s continue with my blog updates! As you can see we have a totally new theme here, nothing special about it still dual pane with sidebar on the right side, just the way i wanted it always. 😉

For your information this theme is actually from TechJunkie 1.0 by Theme Lab, however the CSS is heavily reconstructed by me, and also some minor changes.

Minor Theme Update

Posted on January 2007 at about 1:44 AM by hwa

Now that if you haven’t notice this, i did a minor update to my current theme, changed a bit the sidebar as well as a whole new date design in each post. 😉

WordPress Theme Reset To Default

Posted on January 2007 at about 1:33 AM by hwa

Upon i upgraded my WordPress to version 2.1, i encountered a few time where my WordPress theme reset to default, the one by binarybonsai.

At first i thought it’s a bug in WordPress 2.1 so i went to the support forum and try to find post with similar problem, if this really a bug then it should be a lot of people talking and complaining about it but strangely not, So i dug even deeper and found this, a post by Scott Burkett explaining what cause the problem.

Apparently most of them who face this trouble has this plugin installed, WP-Mobile by Alex King, don’t get me wrong it’s not the plugin fault, the plugin works great and do what it suppose to do, but it’s the user who didn’t read the instructions well, that’s me. 😳

While most WordPress plugins will require only the user to upload all the related files into the wp-content/plugins folder, but WP-Mobile require you to upload some other file to the wp-content/themes folder.

Anyway here’s what Scott Burkett explain about the problem:

It turns out that I had not properly followed the instructions provided by Alex in the plugin archive. Instead of following the instructions, and copying the files into the places he specified, I just unzipped them into the plugins directory and activated it. That was the whole problem – I needed to copy his “wp-mobile” theme over into the wp-content/themes directory. WordPress was trying to find it, and couldn’t, so it reverted automatically back to the default theme.

So next time read the README file carefully, and make sure you understand it! Imagine that if i report this to WordPress as a bug. 😯