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New Contact Form And Comment Form Redesign

Posted on October 2012 at about 1:30 AM by hwa

Thanks to a recent spam attack to my contact form due to the plugin is too old and insecure, I finally decided to get my ass moving and update the plugin to a new one.

Now it’s running on Contact Form 7 (why 7?) by Takayukister, along with Really Simple CAPTCHA (also from the same author) for the CAPTCHA feature. While at it, I also redesign the contact form, making it more appealing, the design idea is came from my post for twitter.

Other than contact form, I also applied the same design to the comment form, did a bit of adjustment to the position for the comment box and etc, just scroll down a bit and you can see the new comment form.

Now you can write comments to this blog with a better form, hope you all like it. πŸ˜‰

WP Wall

Posted on July 2009 at about 4:52 PM by hwa

I got a brand new shout box at my sidebar, I’m not using my old ShoutBox plugin anymore because it’s too old. Anyway my new shout box plugin is called WP Wall by Vladimir Prelovac, but still I’m going to call it ShoutBox anyway.

Certainly this one is better than the old one, it’s running on AJAX and easy to customize, and the best part is it doesn’t use it own database, instead it using the WordPress build-in comment, so every shout out will be saved as a new comment.

So if you guys want to comment anything and it’s not related to any of my post, please do so in my shout box, thank you!

My ShoutBox Is Back!!

Posted on December 2007 at about 12:15 AM by hwa

Guys! After more than a year i disabled my ShoutBox, now it’s back!!! πŸ˜€ But i disabled my Recent Comment.

The reason i bring back my ShoutBox is because sometime when people just want to say something to me, let’s say hi, they will go to any topic and post a comment there, which will ended up as spam, so i decided to put a ShoutBox so people can say whatever they want to me as long as it’s make sense. πŸ™‚

Actually, the SboutBox is an improved version of the WP-ShoutBox by Ryan Mack, most of the modification i made are for the back-end, which is the admin part, other than that my version of ShoutBox is validated as XHTML Strict!! πŸ˜‰

Continue On Fighting Spams

Posted on January 2007 at about 10:28 PM by hwa

Remember the fighting spams article i wrote the other day? So far my spam forces are doing well, they reduced the spam a bit and my wp-comments-post.php not as flooded as last time.

However today i read something from Lorelle VanFossen’s blog where she talk a little bit about Bad Behavior, the following quote makes me want to install Bad Behavior:

Bad Behavior is a unique comment spam fighter. It’s goal is similar to Akismet and Spam Karma, but Bad Behavior stops known comment spammers from even getting into the door of your blog. It turns them away before they get a chance to post by testing IP addresses and other criteria to determine if they are human or machine, and shoots down the machines and known enemies of blogs.

Yes i need something like that, a first layer defend, a spam fighter that will stop spams even before it touch my wp-comments-post.php. 😈

Fighting Spams

Posted on January 2007 at about 10:53 PM by hwa

Spam really drive me crazy! 😑 Few days ago my host sent me an email telling that my wp-comments-post.php is under attack, the server was flooded and they have to CHMOD it to 000, causing visitors unable to comment in my blog. Out of desperation and frustration i installed Spam Karma 2. 😑

Actually before this i already have Akismet, and it’s doing a great job in fighting spams, Akismet filtered almost all of my spams, since i install Akismet until now, only a few spams get through Akismet, this is good, but i need more than that. 😑

Although Akismet filtered the spams, however my wp-comments-post.php still get flooded, this is because Akismet only let the spam goes into moderate mode, it doesn’t really stop the spam from coming in. So i went out and search for more.

Now i’m inviting Spam Karma 2 to join my forces, hoping that it will help me to fight spams, and yes my spam did reduced, now everyday i receive around ten spams or more, this is very good. But i want the spam to be stopped once and for all, not giving it a single chance to touch my wp-comments-post.php.

I’m still observing whether the spammers still flooding my wp-comments-post.php or not, hopefully it’s not, but if yes, then i will invite more into my forces and by then let’s see who will win this time! 😈