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Twitter Image Plugin Updates

Posted on December 2011 at about 5:51 AM by hwa

A little bit of updates for my Twitter Image plugin, now the images are not a resized of the original image, it’s appear as a thumbnail now, so the loading time should be slightly better.

As usual if you encounter any issue, feel free to let me know.

WordPress Admin Menu Plugins

Posted on December 2006 at about 9:56 PM by hwa

This morning when i login to my WordPress, i saw this interesting plugin from Weblog Tools Collection, the Custom Admin Menu by Barun. This plugin allows the WordPress admin to customize their admin menu, including hiding some of the links that’s barely used, but that’s not all, you may watch this nice little presentation on what this plugin can do at the plugin website.

Speaking of admin menu plugin, i’m now using another admin menu plugin by Andy Staines, it’s the Admin Drop Menus WordPress plugin, it’s a plugin that will change all your WordPress admin submenu into drop down menu, this allow you to quickly access to the submenu with just one click instead of clicking the main menu and then to the submenu.

I not yet try the Custom Admin Menu but soon or later i know i will, because i started to feel my admin menu is a bit too messy. But i strongly recommend the Admin Drop Menu, it’s a great piece of software and it will save you a lot of time, especially when you are on a very slow Internet connection.

AdSense-Deluxe And ButtonSnap Fix

Posted on November 2006 at about 1:23 AM by hwa

If you are using AdSense-Deluxe together with other WordPress plugins that is using ButtonSnap Class Library to create Quicktags button for WordPress Editor, then most probably the buttons created by ButtonSnap won’t show up.

However, after playing around with the JavaScipt inside AdSense-Deluxe (shame to say that i’m not very familiar with JavaScipt 😳 ), finally i came out a solution that’s extremely easy and still maintain the AdSense-Deluxe drop down option in WordPress Editor.

Follow these simple step to do the AdSense-Deluxe and ButtonSnap fix:

Step 1: Open up adsense-deluxe.php with your favorite editor, then search for the following two line.

  1. if (document.getElementById('quicktags') != undefined){
  2. document.getElementById('quicktags').innerHTML +=
  3. ...

Step 2: Then replace the quicktags with ed_toolbar, become like this.

  1. if (document.getElementById('ed_toolbar') != undefined){
  2. document.getElementById('ed_toolbar').innerHTML +=
  3. ...

After that you are done, the button created by ButtonSnap should appear together with AdSense-Deluxe drop down option.

Notes: I tried this plugin in WordPress 2.1 Ella but it doesn’t work for me, so i guess this fix doesn’t apply to WordPress 2.1.

Adding Google And Slashdot To Sociable

Posted on October 2006 at about 7:36 PM by hwa

To add Google and Slashdot into your Sociable WordPress Plugin, please do the following:

To add Slashdot into your Sociable, copy and paste to following code into the “$sociable_builtin_known_sites” array in “sociable.php”:

  1. 'Slashdot' => Array(
  2.   'favicon' => 'slashdot.png',
  3.   'url' => '
  4.    url=PERMALINK&title=TITLE',
  5. ),

Next copy and paste the following into “$sociable_files” array:

  1. 'images/slashdot.png',

Then save the Slashdot icon below and upload it into “sociable/images/” in your WordPress plugin folder.


After that go to “Admin->Options->Sociable” and click “Restore Built-in Defaults” for the icon to appear in the option page.

To add Google, copy and paste the following code into the “$sociable_builtin_known_sites” array in “sociable.php”:

  1. 'Google' => Array(
  2.   'favicon' => 'google.png',
  3.   'url' => '
  4.    feedurl=PERMALINK&blocked=TITLE',
  5. ),

Next copy and paste the following into the “$sociable_files” array:

  1. 'images/google.png',

Save the following Google icon and upload to “sociable/images/” in your WordPress plugin folder.


Lastly go to “Admin->Options->Sociable” and click “Restore Built-in Defaults” for the icon to appear in the option page.

Visual.SpellCheck And Sociable Fix

Posted on October 2006 at about 4:52 AM by hwa

For those who use the WordPress plugin Visual.SpellCheck and Sociable, i don’t know whether this happen to you or not, but for me if i enable both plugin i will get this strange problem where the “Check Spelling” button from the plugin Visual.SpellCheck in my editor doesn’t show up.

So i went dig up the code and found out that it’s actually the JavaScript from Sociable crashed with the one from Visual.SpellCheck. The JavaScript is from line 355 until 370 in sociable.php, the function of this script is to enable drag and drop in Sociable option page, which i think is very cool.

Anyway i noticed that this block of JavaScript will load every time even thought you are not in the option page, which i think is not necessary. So i moved the JavaScript from line number 355 until 370 which should looks like this:-

  1. <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--
  2. var dragsort = ToolMan.dragsort();
  3. var junkdrawer = ToolMan.junkdrawer();
  4. window.onload = function() {
  5.     dragsort.makeListSortable(
  6.         document.getElementById("sociable_site_list")
  7.     );
  8. }
  10. /* make checkbox action prettier */
  11. function toggle_checkbox(id) {
  12.   var checkbox = document.getElementById(id);
  13.     if (checkbox.checked)
  14.         checkbox.parentNode.className = 'active';
  15.     else
  16.         checkbox.parentNode.className = 'inactive';
  17. }
  18. --></script>

And paste the above JavaScript block to line number 504, just before the drag and drop in Sociable option page, or anywhere before the following line:-

  1. <ul id="sociable_site_list"></ul>

And this should fix the “Check Spelling” button won’t load problem. The idea is to only load the JavaScript block in the Sociable option page.

WordPress Spell Check Plugin

Posted on September 2006 at about 5:02 AM by hwa

I have to admit that my English is bad, not only grammar, but the spelling as well, so i do a lot of spelling mistakes. Although there’s a spell check implemented together with the WYSIWYG in WordPress 2.0, but the problems is i don’t use WYSIWYG. So i went out and start searching for WordPress spell check plugin.

There are several WordPress spell check plugin i found on the net, but only one that i really like, introducing Visual.SpellCheck by Matthew Delmarter, an AJAX spell checker that function almost like the one in Gmail, but Pspell must be installed on your server in order to use this plugin.

Visual.SpellCheck screenshot.

There’s a live demo in the plugin website, go ahead and try it out, i would say so far this is the best spell check plugin for WordPress.

However it seem like there’s a little problem with this plugin if you use it together with Sociable, a social bookmarking plugin by Peter Harkins, the button “Check Spelling” just don’t want to show up in editor if Sociable is enabled. But worry not, i have a simple fix that will fix this problem, will compile it and post later because now is almost 5am and i’m blur. 😯

You can download Visual.SpellCheck at here.

Edit: You can find the Visual.SpellCheck And Sociable fix at here.