Twitter Pull By hwa2u

Posted on November 2012 at about 6:48 PM by hwa

As you all probably know, I used Twitter Tool by Alex King to retrieve my tweets from my Twitter, and post it here. However, ever since the plugin been updated to version 3, the previous version of Twitter Tool stopped working, at least for my site. I’m not sure why is this happening, by right it shouldn’t. But I didn’t bother to upgrade it, because the new Twitter Tool is relying another plugin, which is the Social plugin to accomplish all the Twitter job.

You see, I’m trying to make my blog not to rely too much on third party tools, services, to keep it independence. Unless I have no choice to do so, or the third party service/plugins is worth for it. So I decided to take the matters into my own hand, by develop a WordPress plugin to replace it.

Introducing Twitter Pull by, a Twitter plugin for WordPress that will pull tweets from your Twitter account every 10 minutes, simple as that. The plugin use Twitter OAuth to authenticate with Twitter so even if your Tweets are protected, the plugin will still be able to pull tweets, cool huh?

Apart from pulling tweets, the plugin can pull pictures from tweets as well, and post it nicely in WordPress, take a look at this tweets from my Twitter. The pictures will be downloaded from Twitter and save it in a folder defined by user.

Other than that, the plugin also has configuration to allow you to filter mentions or retweets to be pulled, that including words or sentences defined by user, pretty neat huh?

So now the question, when am I going to release this awesome plugin? Sorry to say that, I never intended to release, yet. I’m still testing the plugin out, there are a bunch of features I want to include, such as able to retrieve geo location, better error report to user etc. At least until I satisfy with the product then I’ll be releasing it.

For now, if you really want to try the plugin, feel free to email me, I might consider to host the code in GitHub so you guys can download it, or you may suggest me the features you want to include.


Time waits for no one.← ( ゚Д゚) ハァ?


RT @scandal_band: 〈LIVE INFO〉


Nowadays even my radio alarm clock can’t even wake me up 🙁


Flu, running nose, dizzy, neck pain, stomachache, I think I’m gonna sick soon… Or am I already sick?


I was surprised when hear that… ==


So I went to the auto pay machine and insert the ticket, the machine said: “Fee is RM4, please pay your fucking ticket.”


Look delicious!! #breakfast


Happy Pepero Day~!!


Windows 8

Posted on November 2012 at about 2:15 PM by hwa

I was trying out Windows 8 since last week and it’s actually quite good, love the Metro UI, but not the missing Start button.

All this while I has been using Windows XP, yes I know it’s old that’s why I decided to upgrade when Microsoft released Windows 8 last week, plus the discount promotion is a bargain for me.

Speaking of migrating to Windows 8, it definitely need a bit of time to get used to it, especially when changing from Windows XP to Windows 8, considering the major UI changes and also how the folder structure works. But it didn’t took long for me to get a hold of everything.

Of course, there are things that I don’t like or making me doesn’t feel like using Windows, one being the missing Start button. Now, I access the programs under Search menu page, where all the installed program will listed here, or just by searching the program name.

Other than that, I’m still exploring Windows 8, experimenting the Metro UI and stuff. I didn’t get a lot of issues with software incompatibility, that’s a good thing to me.

Oh! Regarding the apps in Metro UI, nothing impressive here as there aren’t a lot of apps yet, I hope this will be better soon.

That’s all I can say about Windows 8 for now, hope I can write a more detailed review soon.