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Hell, It’s About Time.

Posted on May 2007 at about 9:47 PM by hwa

It’s been almost 10 years since the release, and finally today Blizzard Entertainment announce one of their greatest game ever, the Star Craft II.

Yup! You are right, nothing wrong with your eyes, after a long wait and numerous rumors been flying around, finally it’s confirmed by Blizzard, the Star Craft II is now not a fiction anymore. Blizzard announced the game in their third (Worldwide Invitational) between 19 to 20 May in Seoul.

Here are the opening trailer for StarCraft II, or you can go here to see the in game screen shot.

And here is the game play video.

Playing World Of Warcraft

Posted on December 2006 at about 6:19 PM by hwa

Been playing World Of Warcraft for the pass few weeks and now i’m in love with it!! It kept me busy not only in the game but outside the game as well, for most of my time spent by playing World Of Warcraft. 🙁

Word Of Warcraft
Word Of Warcraft

Word Of Warcraft or most people will just say WoW, is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) created by Blizzard, and currently is the most widely played MMORPG in the world, on the CD box it says over 5 million players but i think it’s more than that.

So far i’d been enjoying playing WoW, it’s really a nice game, the main different between WoW and many other MMORPG is that most MMORPG will just concentrate on leveling the character, but not WoW, in WoW it’s very easy to reach until maximum level, i have a friend who once told me that he maxed his character with just only within two weeks time. For now the maximum level for WoW is only 60, but will extend to 70 next year.

Another thing i like about WoW is that the gameplay is not only just click and watch your character respond, you will need to have decent level of micro skill in order to fully utilize the fun of this game, because there are just too many buttons or skills for u to click.

ROB-B-HOOD 《宝贝计划》

Posted on October 2006 at about 10:37 PM by hwa

Went Ipoh today, and watched “ROB-B-HOOD” (宝贝计划) with new friends. It’s the latest movie by Jacky Chan (成龙), and yes it’s an action movie but with a little bit of cute inside! Wait until you see Matthew! 😉

To me this movie is totally different with Jacky’s previous movie. He tried romance movie before, but to me it’s not that success, maybe a macho man just don’t fit in romance. But this one is totally different, he mixed this movie with his action together with humour, and plus a little bit of cuteness which make we all feel warm about this movie.

Louis Koo (古天乐) played an important role in this movie as well, i think that Louis suit this movie well, he acted in “Mighty Baby” (绝世好B) before so i think he know what he is doing, and i really like the way Louis acted so seriously in the comedy part.

Sorry that couldn’t review this movie well, however i do think that this movie is worth to watch, there are some part that really touched me, and it send out a very good message in how important a family is.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Posted on September 2005 at about 1:41 PM by hwa

Yeah that’s right, after a long long wait and numerous delay, finally this movie has now been released in Japan on 14 September. But for the English version it’s delayed until November.

I think it was about 2 years ago, is it? I’m not sure already, after their Final Fantasy movie, The Spirit Within, which I think is a total failure. Square-Enix announce that they will be making another Final Fantasy movie base on Final Fantasy VII story and characters, all the Final Fantasy fans was happy and can’t wait until it’s release, and hoping that it won’t be another disappointment from their first movie.

But then don’t know why Square-Enix keep on delay the movie from it’s release, until the last E3, Square-Enix came out a trailer, in the end of the trailer another new release date announced, September 2005, everyone was hoping that it’s the last announce date and won’t delay anymore. And now finally, it’s out, but for Japanese only. 🙁

For those who played the game before, I’m sure they will definably be amazed, because when the Final Fantasy VII game was out at that time, 3D technology wasn’t so good as now, the character is more like a cartoon in the game, that time we didn’t really know that Tifa is actually such a beautiful girl and Yuffie is cute, and Marlene also…

Well, for those who fortunate enough to watch the movie, congratulation! While others, wait for the English release on November 😀 haha!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Song Meanings At Songfacts

Posted on May 2005 at about 5:54 AM by hwa

Well i found this interesting site while searching for lyrics, it’s It give you the meaning behind a song, like Ode To My Family by The Cranberries is actually about the lead singer Dolores O’Riordan in her decision to become a rock star and the conflicts that decision caused with her parents and their Irish traditions.

Go and have a look, you might find your favorite song there. 🙂

Xbox 360!

Posted on May 2005 at about 7:22 AM by hwa

Well it wouldn’t fair if i only show the PlayStation 3 right? So here the Xbox 360. 😉

Xbox 360

Another one!

Xbox 360

See the PSP?? 😯

Sorry i couldn’t find any closed up picture of the Xbox 360, anyway it’s just placed at the small table there (if you can see it).

Well according to Microsoft, the Xbox 360 will have the new wireless controller.

Here, finally can get the close picture of Xbox 360, enjoy^^

Xbox 360

Sony Reveals PS3!

Posted on May 2005 at about 7:00 AM by hwa

OMG here are some of the long waited Sony PlayStation 3 picture!!

Here are the console.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

And the controller.


Well i think the design is rather a bit “futuristic”, especially the controller, it looks like kind of “gentle”. And the console doesn’t seem like a console but more like a Fujitsu laptop lolz. 😆 Honestly, not very like them. 🙄

By the way before i forgot, PlayStation 3 will be available on spring 2006, mean next year… 🙁

Final Fantasy On Xbox!!

Posted on May 2005 at about 6:25 AM by hwa

This year E3 sure give us a lots of surprise, like i said before, new games, new console.

At the time 5:51:39 PM EST May 17, Microsoft announced their new partner. Believe it or not it’s Square Enix. Yup! The Final Fantasy XI ain’t only for Sony anymore, now you can find it on Xbox!!

It’s not that surprise to find Final Fantasy game in other platform, but the point is Square Enix decided to make the game for Sony PlayStation greatest rival.

But still, I’m waiting for N-Gage 2!!

E3 2005

Posted on May 2005 at about 11:08 PM by hwa

Guys!! 17 may is the day, E3 2005!! Where the new game, new release and new console will be announced. Sony PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and my all time favorite… Nokia N-Gage 2!!! OMG!!!!!!! 😯

So for all of you game freak out there, watch out for tomorrow event! And for N-Gagers, keep this page bookmarked. 😈