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Where Is Malaysia??

Posted on January 2007 at about 5:04 PM by hwa

It’s shame that during this time there are still people who don’t know where is Malaysia, i met some of them especially during online gaming, where i said i’m from Malaysia and they was like huh? Where’s that?? 😯

With all the world event happened here, and places like Sepang F1 International Circuit, The Petronas Twin Tower and so on, how can these people still don’t know where is Malaysia? Please go back and revise your Geography before you come back and talk to me!! 👿

Next time if someone ask me where is Malaysia again, this is what i’m going to do!!

him: Where’s Malaysia??
me: Huh? You don’t know Malaysia? Then do you know Singapore??
him: Yes…
me: Then how bout Thailand???
him: Yeah of course.
me: Then how come you don’t know Malaysia? MALAYSIA IS JUST BETWEEN SINGAPORE AND THAILAND!!! Shame on you!!!!


WordPress Meet Up In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Posted on December 2006 at about 8:43 PM by hwa

God damn it i missed out this one!!! 😡 Today only i knew there’s this WordPress meeting on 16th December at Starbucks in Berjava Times Square but it’s too late!! This is sucks man, for i missed out the chance to see other local WordPress community.

I wonder when there will be another meeting for local WordPress community… 🙁

Selamat Hari Raya 2006

Posted on October 2006 at about 1:45 AM by hwa

While two days ago the Hindus were celebrate Deepavali, today it’s the Malay turn to celebrate the Hari Raya!!

Wishing Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslims in Malaysia!! It’s a celebration for all the Muslims in Malaysia after a month of fasting, where people celebrate it by having ketupat and many other traditional Malay food, nyam~~ :mrgreen:

Haze Attack!!

Posted on October 2006 at about 5:30 PM by hwa

It’s near the end of the year, mean that the annual haze attack strike back again!! 👿 Every year around this time, our sky will polluted by haze from Indonesia, the same with the city i’m living now, Cyberjaya.

For the last four days, the sky is surrounded with haze all the time, and the vision is very poor, around 4km to 5km away and the view start to become blur. Sun light can’t penetrate the thick haze, however the weather still very hot due to the high level of Carbon Dioxide, and the worst is i can’t sun my Betty!! 😡

The invade of the haze is because the mass burning of oil palm plantation in Indonesia, they practising the Slash and Burn technique to clear the forest and then use it for planting, the ash will provides some fertilization. It’s easy and low cost, but give a very deep impact to the environment.

Haze in Cyberjaya

WordPress Merdeka Theme

Posted on October 2006 at about 7:56 PM by hwa

A WordPress theme by ikram_zidane, the “Merdeka” theme, a one panel white colored theme, very clean design, the navigation is hidden on top and will show up when you click the “Navigation” button, brilliant idea!

Merdeka in Bahasa Malaysia is mean freedom, ikram_zidane didn’t mention what’s the reason he name this theme but most probably is to celebrate Malaysia’s independent day, which is on 31th August. 🙂

It’s a very impressive work done by a boy just 16 years old (2006), added that he is from Malaysia (go go Malaysia boleh!! :P), you can have a look at the demo at here.

Congratulation i would say to ikram_zidane, keep up the good work!! 😉