#RIP Steve Jobs and thanks for bringing us a series of such a great products


Stroopwafels ^^


Some ppl just a pain in the ass, what a bitch!


That’s all for iPhone 4S??? Awww~~!!


Found my new Starbucks flavor ^^


SHIAT!!! Tomorrow I bridging!!!


I think it’s time to trim my hair already… 😀


My Primary School

Posted on October 2011 at about 5:26 AM by hwa

Found this photo in my primary school website, it was around 20 years ago, none of them I still keep contact.

Is it still possible to find all the ppl? Wonder where are them now… LOL!

SRB Chung Hua No.1

Guess which one is me ^^

New Separate Content Layout

Posted on October 2011 at about 4:21 PM by hwa

As you all might noticed already, the separated content, or my twitter post, is slightly redesigned. It’s now a simple box with smaller avatar, and no more chat balloon.

The reason for this is because I want a more tidy look, rather than suddenly popup a chat dialogue. However, I still not really satisfy with the colors though, looks plain to me.

Well, of course there will be some improvement to this as it’s just initial design, so stay tune.


It’s 4:15pm, should I go eat my lunch? XD