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Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Posted on February 2011 at about 9:51 PM by hwa

I almost forgot to mention this! It’s Chinese new year today, also known as Lunar new year and it’s the biggest celebration for the Chinese! This year, we celebrate the year of rabbit!

Here I wish all the Chinese 恭喜发财, 万事如意, 事事顺利, 身体健康!!

How Do You Pronounce

Posted on January 2011 at about 2:16 AM by hwa

It’s hwa-two-u-dot-com damn it!!

Ever since I bought my domain, which is about 6 and a half years ago, today is the very first time I heard one of my friend saying that hwa2u is pronounced as hwa-hwa-u, as in the two stand for double hwa… Oh god!!!

Well I’m not really offended by it, I just felt that it was so funny! This show that each individual have their own way of thinking, we see things differently. 😀

Dear Rebecca, my domain is pronounced as hwa-two-u! Thank you!!

Blogging with iPhone

Posted on October 2010 at about 4:38 AM by hwa

Today is the prelaunch date for iPhone 4 in Malaysia, the venue is in Mid Valley Garden Hotel Ballroom, and I’m going there to get one for myself. 🙂

Actually the prelaunch already started yesterday and not all are eligible to get an iPhone, you have to register then only you get invited to this event. For your information, the real launch date is on 26 September.

Since yesterday I already heard how bad is the queue, people lining up for like four hours just to be one of the first Malaysian to own this local set of iPhone.

The event got even worst today! It’s Friday night and tomorrow is weekend, everyone was rushing to get the phone, and people have to wait like eight hours before it’s their turn to get the phone, crazy!

Well, I was lucky that today I work on morning shift, so I get to go back early and go to Mid Valley to get the phone.

But when I was there, it’s to my surprise that the line for the entrance ticket number wasn’t that bad at all, probably because it was dinner time, so I only wait for like fifteen minutes then only my turn for the ticket, the time now is almost 9PM.

But the waiting nightmare begun once I found out that I still have to wait for almost eight hours only my turn to get the phone. But then I was lucky enough that the staff asked me to go back home and they promised will SMS me when it’s almost my turn.

So I went for my dinner, then went back home to rest while waiting.

Then only about around 4AM I received the SMS. So I went to Mid Valley in the middle of the night just for the phone, crazy shit!

Anyway, in the end I got the phone, and now I’m happy with it! Satisfaction met and now I’m blogging using my new iPhone 4. ^^

Belated Birthday Party

Posted on June 2010 at about 3:46 AM by hwa

Yesterday me and my friends went for Karaoke session, at RedBox The Curve. There are seven peoples in total. The event was organized by me, mainly because I’m a DotRed member, so I have voucher for my birthday month.

The voucher is not just free drinks or whatever. Quite a lot of stuff they give, we didn’t manage to finish all the drinks on time.

But the best part is the present my dear friends gave to me. They gave me a Converse bag! The one I saw on 1 Utama last weekend! The one that I wanted so much that I decided to buy next month!! Thanks to Jasmine for this. 😀

I didn’t expect anything from them, really! I just want everyone to have fun and at the same time, not to waste the voucher. I’m happy enough when everyone was there for the event.

But still, the present was really unexpected. I was surprised!! Now this is the kind of surprise I want, haha!

Once again thank you all for the present, and time, it was really great.

On second thought, this year my birthday wasn’t bad at all! 😛

My 2010 birthday present! ^^

Happy Birthday To Me 2010

Posted on June 2010 at about 4:17 AM by hwa

It was my birthday yesterday, but too bad, nothing much happened. No cake, no birthday song, just like any other years. In fact this year, I was working for the while day, literally.

Well it goes like this. I’m working night shift now, and usually when I wake up in the afternoon, I straight away go prepare my self, have lunch, then go to work. When I get back home, it’s already over 12am. Sucks huh? 🙁

Ever since I started to work night shift, I felt like I have no life at all, no midnight movie, no social life. Seriously man, I don’t know how long I can take this.

Back to my birthday. Luckily, thanks to Weng Yew for spreading the news, a few people start wishing me in Facebook, not bad actually.

Not to forget, thanks to Chally for being the first person to call and wished me, and Pei Fern for being the last person to call and wished me. Thank you! You both rocks!!

That’s it, this is how I spent my birthday for the year 2010. Hope next year will be a little bit different, another 364 days to go. 🙂

Blogging With BlackBerry

Posted on April 2010 at about 9:39 PM by hwa

Just got my BlackBerry on last Wednesday on 31 March 2010, and now I’m blogging using my BlackBerry! :p

I got my self a new DiGi number and with the DiGi unlimited data plan, now I can online where I wan!! Now that’s what I call mobile computing! Heh! 😀

I’m still exploring my BlackBerry though, learning how to use it and struggling to key in inputs with it’s tiny keypad, not to mention also the applications for BlackBerry is not as many and variety as iPhone or Android device. But other than that, BlackBerry is a very good device for online purposes.

Oh and by the way, this post is written and posted with my BlackBerry. 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year And Valentine Day!!

Posted on February 2010 at about 12:02 AM by hwa

Happy Chinese New Year from! Wish you have a prosperous year and healthy always!! May the year of tiger bring you good luck throughout the whole year!

Not to forget also today is Valentine day!! Blessing all the couples with forever love, and for those who are still single, wish that you will meet you partner in no time!! 😉

Happy New Year 2010!!

Posted on January 2010 at about 3:57 PM by hwa

Today is the first day of 2010, wishing you all a happy new year~! 🙂

Merry Christmas 2009

Posted on December 2009 at about 5:29 AM by hwa

It’s this time again, and we would like to wish you all Merry Christmas!! And a happy new year~! 😉

Happy 09.09.09 To Everyone!!

Posted on September 2009 at about 8:14 PM by hwa

It’s 9th of September Year 2009, in short it’s written as 09.09.09 which will only happen once in a lifetime, I believe there are a lot of people marry today for the meaningful figure, especially for the Chinese as the number 9 resemble the word ‘long lasting’.

So to all the people out there, hope you have a great day today, and for those who getting marry, wish your love last forever. 🙂