Belated Birthday Party

Posted on June 2010 at about 3:46 AM by hwa

Yesterday me and my friends went for Karaoke session, at RedBox The Curve. There are seven peoples in total. The event was organized by me, mainly because I’m a DotRed member, so I have voucher for my birthday month.

The voucher is not just free drinks or whatever. Quite a lot of stuff they give, we didn’t manage to finish all the drinks on time.

But the best part is the present my dear friends gave to me. They gave me a Converse bag! The one I saw on 1 Utama last weekend! The one that I wanted so much that I decided to buy next month!! Thanks to Jasmine for this. 😀

I didn’t expect anything from them, really! I just want everyone to have fun and at the same time, not to waste the voucher. I’m happy enough when everyone was there for the event.

But still, the present was really unexpected. I was surprised!! Now this is the kind of surprise I want, haha!

Once again thank you all for the present, and time, it was really great.

On second thought, this year my birthday wasn’t bad at all! 😛

My 2010 birthday present! ^^

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