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Google Nexus 7

Posted on January 2013 at about 11:21 PM by hwa

Just got my Nexus 7 today for RM1099, it’s the 3G version and has 32GB of storage, and it’s my first Android device. πŸ˜‰

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

I has been thinking of getting a tablet for quite some time, and I expect it to have more functionality compare to a phone, where I can play video, audio or any contents that I loaded into it, not a device that function same as my phone only bigger screen. That’s why I picked Android instead of iPad due to Android’s open platform, so I can customize as much as I want.

Google Nexus 7 is actually worth the money considering the hardware it offer comparing to other tablets in the market now. Well yes there are some feature that’s not available in Nexus 7, like no back camera and also cannot make phone call, but I can live with it. The only draw back is it doesn’t have the Micro SD slot, mean you can’t expand the memory. But I consider it as a trade off with the price it offer.

I haven’t really explore my Nexus 7 yet, just loaded it up and browse a bit, it’s still charging now. But so far it has been giving me a very good impression, love the Life Wallpaper.

But anyway, one of the first thing I will definitely do is to root my Nexus 7. πŸ˜€

December 2012

Posted on December 2012 at about 12:56 AM by hwa

It’s the first day of December 2012, and as usual every year, snow will fall at πŸ™‚

MacBook Air 11″

Posted on August 2012 at about 11:22 PM by hwa

After months of considering, analysing and a lot of readings, finally I’m now the proud owner of MacBook Air 11″! Yay!! ^^

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 11″

What I’m looking for is a super portable laptop for travelling purpose, or when I go to my parent’s place so I can bring my media around, movies, songs etc, and also to sync my iPhone whenever I downloaded a new content.

Before this I was using a HP Mini 110-3004 TU netbook, it’s been serving me well for the pass 2 years, and honestly I don’t have much complain about it.

HP Mini

HP Mini 110-3004 TU

Except for one thing, the incapability of playing HD video, so every time I go to my parent’s place I’m not able to watch any movie, or anime, not even HD YouTube which sucks, not to mention my parent live in a small town so there aren’t much entertainment there, most of the time I’ll just stay at home.

So I decided to buy my self a MacBook Air, which is ultra portable, able to play HD movie and also do a lot of stuff, better screen as well, but the most important of all is it’s awesome! Now I’m a happy man! Hehe!

Well I’m still learning how to use the Mac, need to remember all the short cuts. Other than that, I’m very satisfy with my decision.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 11″

Happy Birthday To Me 2012

Posted on June 2012 at about 12:25 AM by hwa

It’s 10th June, and it’s my birthday, hitting 30 today, wish my life be much more interesting ahead πŸ™‚

My White Spear Les Paul

Posted on June 2012 at about 11:33 PM by hwa

I know I already own a Spear Les Paul, but a white one is always drawing my attention, so when the time I saw this, I knew I need to own it!

A white Spear Les Paul!!!! Without thinking much I bought it straight away! The next day, after properly testing it of course.

Again, I’m happy but broke, more broke this time… πŸ™

My Spear Les Paul

Posted on April 2012 at about 6:39 PM by hwa

Just bought my self an electric guitar, it’s a Les Paul, not Gibson, not even Epiphone, but Spear, cost me RM1250 with the hard case RM350. It’s a Korean brand Les Paul and is made in Indonesia, it has very good review for it’s price range.

So far, I’m quite satisfy with it, the only complain is there’re a few places that has fret buzz, which definitely need a setup, thinking of doing this next month, after I’m familiar with the guitar and know what to customize.

Here’s a picture of my new guitar, Cherry Burst Les Paul.

I’m broke but yet happy. ^^

Happy 2012 Chinese New Year

Posted on January 2012 at about 2:51 AM by hwa

Today is the first day of Chinese new year for 2012, which in Chinese we call it εˆδΈ€, and it’s the year of dragon.

I would like to use this chance to wish everyone ζ­ε–œε‘θ΄’οΌŒδΈ‡δΊ‹ε¦‚ζ„οΌοΌHappy Chinese New Year from πŸ™‚

Pepero Day on 11.11.11

Posted on November 2011 at about 4:18 PM by hwa

Today is a special day, why? It’s 11st November 2011, in short it’s 11.11.11, which happen every 100 years, but do you know that today is also Pepero Day?

For those who don’t know, Pepero is cookie stick, dipped in a chocolate, much like Rocky, Pocky whatever ky you see in market nowadays.

Pepero is from Korea, and Pepero day is of course started in Korea, it’s equivalence to Valentine day. Here’s the definition of Pepero day quoted from Wikipedia:

Since the date “11/11” resembles four sticks of Pepero. The holiday is observed mostly by young people and couples, who exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts.

So now you all know that, 11th November is not only special this year, it’s special every year.

Happy Pepero day to all of you, may the girls grow as tall and slender as a Pepero.

My Primary School

Posted on October 2011 at about 5:26 AM by hwa

Found this photo in my primary school website, it was around 20 years ago, none of them I still keep contact.

Is it still possible to find all the ppl? Wonder where are them now… LOL!

SRB Chung Hua No.1

Guess which one is me ^^

My First Car!

Posted on May 2011 at about 3:07 PM by hwa

Yes! Finally got my first car, it’s a white Toyota VIOS 2011 series! ^^

Feel kind of happy of course, the fact that this is actually one of my 2011 resolution, I’m one step closer to a better me. πŸ˜‰

Nothing much to say here, still got a lot to explore, got whole list of plan I’m going to do to my car. πŸ™‚

Here is a photo of the dashboard.