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Life In Short Semester

Posted on November 2006 at about 4:33 PM by hwa

It’s been almost a month since my new semester start, and i had gone through one normal test and one lab test, now my project title is out and soon i will be damn busy.

This semester is a short semester, the whole semester only have three months time, this mean that the schedule is pack and you have to rush for everything. Our final exam start right after next year, and by the end of December is our study week, then trimester break and new semester start again.

That’s my university life, and yeah i know, it’s sucks… 😥

WordPress MU Review

Posted on November 2006 at about 3:07 AM by hwa

Remember that few days ago i mentioned about playing around with WodPress MU? Now i have a very simple yet straight forward conclusion on how i think about WordPress MU.

Honestly and seriously, i’m kind of disappointed with WordPress MU 1.0, it’s not because of the features, WordPress MU has all the features that a blogging software need to have, my brother even says that it’s better then Blogger.

But the thing i’m disappointed about WordPress MU is because it’s too rely on the administrator’s server skills. If you are going to host WordPress MU, you need to have a lot of control over your server, and know your server very well, for example if you want subdomain for all your users, then you have to enable Wildcard DNS, to do this you have to gain access to alter the httpd.conf, which to me is impossible because my hosting is shared hosting. 🙁

I really hope that there will be a workaround for this, or better solution in the future release, to me WordPress is the best piece of software for blogging purpose, and i hope that i can share the best part of WordPress together with my friends and my family. But for now, one thing for sure is that WordPress MU aren’t meant for those who want to manage a small size multiuser blogging service just for the sake of having fun with it.

Playing Around With WordPress MU

Posted on November 2006 at about 8:52 PM by hwa

Been setting up and played around with WordPress MU for the pass few days, after a few attempts to install WordPress MU, finally i got it running in my web directory.

So far WordPress MU is running great in my web directory, the only problem i found after my last install is i can’t logout after i go into one of my user’s backend account to check some setting, i have to clear my cookies in order to logout, other than that everything seems to be ok.

If everything runs well, i might consider of getting a domain and offer this service to the public, but i’m still not sure yet, a lots of things i need to do and make sure, even the WordPress MU it self also not very stable, or is it i’m not familiar with the system??

Fish Leong – Fen Shou Kuai Le

Posted on November 2006 at about 1:52 AM by hwa

Suddenly like this song very much, not a new song, but it’s nice. This song was sang by a local singer, Fish Leong.

Enjoy her song…

Artist: 梁靜茹
Title: 分手快樂

I cannot help you predict

Whether it will be useful to keep wishing hard

But I really cannot stand to see

A friend suffering so much for love

Love may not care about right or wrong

[But] at least it should make you happy and touched at heart

If he always opens his umbrella for someone else

Why should you wait for him in the rain?

[I] made coffee to warm your hands

Wishing to block the wind at the door of your heart

But you preferred to go for a walk on the streets

In the cold wind, your mind will get much clearer

You said you weren’t afraid of breaking up

Just feeling a little regret and sadness

情人節就要來了 剩自己一個
Valentine’s Day is coming, [and you’re] left alone

其實愛對了人 情人節每天都過
Actually if [you] love the right person, every day will be Valentine’s Day

分手快樂 祝妳快樂
Happy breaking up, I wish you happiness

You can find a better [person]

不想過冬 厭倦沉重
[If you] don’t want to spend time in winter, [if your] fatigue is weighing [you] down

Then fly to the tropic islands for a swim

分手快樂 請妳快樂
Happy breaking up, please be happy

Only after saying goodbye to the wrong [person] can you meet the right one

離開舊愛 像坐慢車
Leaving an old love is like riding a slow car

When [you’ve] seen it through, [your] heart will become clear and free

No one can wipe away another’s happiness

You swear that you will live life with a smile

You’re really much more beautiful when you’re confident

Wish that everyone is happy…

Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition

Posted on November 2006 at about 2:16 AM by hwa

Ever wonder what will happen if two currently most popular web browser merge and become The One product? Worry not! Because Microsoft Firefox makes your dream come true. 😀

Makes everyday tasks easier

Microsoft Firefox provides improved navigation through tabbed browsing, web search right from the toolbar, advanced marginal manipulation, reading & subscription to RSS (Real Simple Sex), and much more.

  • Simplified User Experience
    Microsoft Firefox presents a noticeably simpler, more streamlined, less cluttered interface than all other browsers. The introduction of the Cut Away Effect™ randomly disables the rendering of 9/10 of Microsoft Firefox helps to reduce the strain on system resources. This also maximizes the area of the screen devoted to the Desktop that you want to see and makes performing the most common computing tasks easy.
  • Amazing Marginal Manipulation
    Automatically scales a printed margin so that it’s not wider than the paper it will be printed on. Microsoft Firefox also includes a multi-page margin preview with live margins, resizing margins to avoid margin clipping, and an option to print only selected margins. Never have you seen a more robust margin technology in one small package.
  • Instant Search Box
    Web searches using your favorite Microsoft search provider can now be entered into a search box within the toolbar. By eliminating the clutter of other search engines, you can easily choose a REAL reliable Microsoft provider from the dropdown list.
  • Favorites Center
    Offers easy and fast access to Microsoft Favorites, Tab Groups, Browsing History, and RSS (Real Simple Sex). Expands when needed, and can be anchored in place for even easier access.
  • RSS (Real Simple Sex)
    RSS is a relatively new algorithmic technology fueled by the continued hot desires of many online web users. Accessed by an illuminating an icon on the toolbar – a single click allows you to view and optionally download anything that resembles a tit, a boob or a breast – rendered directly in the browser with speeds up to 10 times faster than the competition. Real Simple Sex can scan and arrange explicit images/pictures in order of quality and effectively filters out irrelevant content such as balloons or soccer balls.
  • Tabbed Browsing
    View multiple Microsoft sites in a single browser window. Easily switch from one Microsoft site to another through tabs at the top of the browser frame.
  • Quick Tabs
    Provides easy tab selection and navigation by displaying thumbnails of all open Microsoft site tabs in a single window.
  • Tab Groups
    Tabs can be grouped and saved into logical or illogical categories, allowing you to open multiple tabs with a single click. A Tab Group can easily be set as the Home Page Group so the entire Tab Group opens every time Microsoft Firefox is launched from the Start menu.
  • Page Zoom
    Enlarge individual webpages, including both text and graphics, to either focus on specific content or to enable certain explicit images more more accessible to those with vision limitations.

Dynamic security protection

Microsoft Firefox 2007 provides security through a robust new architecture, security features that help defend against malicious software, and new ways to better protect against the theft of personal data from fraudulent websites, a practice known as Googling.

  • 3rd Party Opt-in
    Disables nearly all pre-installed non-Microsoft software to prevent potentially vulnerable controls from being exposed to attack. You can easily enable or disable required programs as needed through the Add-on Manager by using any valid credit card.
  • Security Status Bar
    Enhances awareness of website security and privacy settings by displaying color-coded notifications next to the address bar. Microsoft Firefox changes the Address Bar to green for websites bearing the Microsoft Partnership Certificate, indicating the site owner has completed extensive identity and friendship verification checks. Googling Filter notifications, certificate names, and the gold padlock icon are now also adjacent to the address bar for better visibility.
  • Googling Filter
    Proactively warns and helps protect you against potential or known fraudulent sites such as, blocks the site and shuts down your computer if necessary. The filter is updated several times per hour using the latest security information from Microsoft.
  • Delete Browsing History
    Allows you to clean up cached pages, passwords, form data, cookies, and history of illegal warez and propaganda sites – all from a single window.
  • Address Bar Protection
    Every window, whether it’s a pop-up or standard window, will present an address bar to the user, helping to block malicious sites such as
  • Parental Controls
    To help keep kids safer online, parents can control browsing behavior through the parental control settings built into Microsoft Firefox with an extensive range of options – on or off. Force your child to browse educational Microsoft based content sites only. Teaching your children programming for “native Javascript objects for rich AJAX-style applications” has never been easier. Browsing sessions are automatically examined by Microsoft marketing representatives 24/7.
  • Secure my Kernel with TakeOver™
    To help protect the Windows kernel being affected by unsafe code executions, Microsoft Firefox automatically notifies you of any programs that may put your computer at risk, and will take the necessary restarting/shutdown processes required to save Windows. Learn More
  • Competition Disabled Mode
    To help troubleshoot difficulties launching Microsoft Firefox or reaching specific Microsoft websites, you have the ability to start in “No Competition” mode, where only system critical Microsoft sites can be accessed.

Improved platforms and multimedia

Microsoft Firefox has improved support for cascading style sheets and robust tools for deploying and managing images, sounds, video and other interactive content.

  • CSS Improvements
    Margins and Paddings within Microsoft Firefox now work flawlessly after extensive research by the Microsoft Laboratories in Silicon Valley. Better support for font families and font sizes still pending further research.
  • Application Compatibility Toolkit
    An application compatibility kit will be available for Microsoft Firefox, allowing Microsoft employed IT pros and Microsoft developers to understand any incompatibilities with their existing websites, applications, and deployments. This toolkit will not be released for the general public.
  • Opaque Alpha Channels in PNG
    Supports opaque transparency within PNG images resulting in better-looking websites that are simpler to build and maintain.
  • AKobe Phlash™ Multimedia Kit
    This multimedia deployment package works in conjunction with the native Phlash™ Plugin that comes bundled with Microsoft Firefox 2007. Delivering, viewing and downloading customized interactive multimedia content has never been so simple. Learn More (Lawsuit from Adobe Pending)
  • Improved HIJAX Support
    Improves the implementation of the XMLHTTP Requests with native Javascript exploits of other web browsers. This syntactically takes over (Hijacks) random browser clients online compromising their security and usability.
  • Platform Compatibility
    Microsoft Firefox is more compatible with top Microsoft web features than ever before. Microsoft Firefox 2007 will support many of the new Microsoft standards on the web to make browsing the web a richer experience and easier to develop for.

LOL~!!! 😀

Run Betty Run!!

Posted on November 2006 at about 12:00 AM by hwa

Something that i uploaded in YouTube for quite some time ago, it’s a video record showing that my Betty is running! 😀

Run Betty run!!

And who say tortoises are slow? 😉

YouTube With XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid!!

Posted on November 2006 at about 2:14 PM by hwa

For those who broadcast YouTube in their blog before, you should know that the YouTube embed tag is actually not XHTML valid, it’s because the <embed> had been deprecated from XHTML 1.0.

By default the YouTube embed tag should looks something like this:

  1. <object width="425" height="350">
  2. <param name="movie" value=""></param>
  3. <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param>
  4. <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  5. </embed>
  6. </object>

But it contain the <embed> HTML tag which is not allow in XHTML 1.0 Strict, so in order to make it pass the validation, i change the above code to something like this:

  1. <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350" data=""><param name="movie" value="" /></object>

YouTube plays well with the new tag, and it doesn’t have the <embed> tag, which is XHTML 1.0 Strict valid!

AdSense-Deluxe And ButtonSnap Fix

Posted on November 2006 at about 1:23 AM by hwa

If you are using AdSense-Deluxe together with other WordPress plugins that is using ButtonSnap Class Library to create Quicktags button for WordPress Editor, then most probably the buttons created by ButtonSnap won’t show up.

However, after playing around with the JavaScipt inside AdSense-Deluxe (shame to say that i’m not very familiar with JavaScipt 😳 ), finally i came out a solution that’s extremely easy and still maintain the AdSense-Deluxe drop down option in WordPress Editor.

Follow these simple step to do the AdSense-Deluxe and ButtonSnap fix:

Step 1: Open up adsense-deluxe.php with your favorite editor, then search for the following two line.

  1. if (document.getElementById('quicktags') != undefined){
  2. document.getElementById('quicktags').innerHTML +=
  3. ...

Step 2: Then replace the quicktags with ed_toolbar, become like this.

  1. if (document.getElementById('ed_toolbar') != undefined){
  2. document.getElementById('ed_toolbar').innerHTML +=
  3. ...

After that you are done, the button created by ButtonSnap should appear together with AdSense-Deluxe drop down option.

Notes: I tried this plugin in WordPress 2.1 Ella but it doesn’t work for me, so i guess this fix doesn’t apply to WordPress 2.1.

Search And Replace In WordPress Post

Posted on November 2006 at about 12:29 AM by hwa

Upon trying to achieve XHTML 1.0 Strict, one of the thing i found out that i had been doing wrong all this while is that i put target=”_blank” HTML tag in most of my post link, this is not a valid XHTML for Strict and it won’t pass the validation, but i had been doing this since the very first day i blog! It will be troublesome if i’m going to search for every post and take away the target=”_blank”!! So i guess the only way to do this easily is by using the MySQL query, i went to Google around and found this very useful SQL query in Lorelle’s blog.

Before proceed to make any changes to your WordPress database, it’s always a good idea that you backup your database first, who know you might missed out something and screw up your database, it’s always better to prevent than cure right? 😉

Continue with the search and replace, in order to do search and replace in WordPress database, you can use the REPLACE syntax in SQL query, the full line would like the following:

  1. UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (
  2. post_content,
  3. 'Item to replace here',
  4. 'Replacement text here');

Where wp_posts is your WordPress database post table and post_content is your post content table field, most of the time you don’t need to change this two value.

The thing you need to change is obviously the Item to replace here, which is the text you want to search, it can be multiple string as long as the string is within the single quote, and Replacement text here is the text you want to replace, also can be multiple string as long as it’s within the single quote.

So in my case, i want to strip away target=”_blank” and replace it with nothing, so i do this:

  1. UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (
  2. post_content,
  3. ' target="_blank"',
  4. '');

Note that the i didn’t put anything for replace string, because i want to delete target=”_blank”, it’s a two single quote.

Again i would like to say, it’s a good practice that you backup your database always, once you screw up your database there is no turning back, and i will take no responsibility if something happen to your database, so do this at your own risk! 🙂

Picture Gallery Update!

Posted on November 2006 at about 4:40 PM by hwa

Added some new picture into my Gallery, so please go check it out. 🙂

Betty sleeping on my bed!

Betty sleeping on my bed!

Good morning!

Good morning!