The 6th Asia Song Festival 2009

Posted on September 2009 at about 9:49 PM by hwa

It’s The 6th Asia Song Festival 2009!! An annual event where singers around the Asia continent are invited to perform on stage. This year the Asia Song Festival took place at World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

There are singers from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and even Thailand are invited, popular groups like Big Bang, 2NE1 from Korea, Gackt from Japan and Ekin Cheng from Hong Kong.

We went there around 5pm to collect our ticket from the ticketing booth.

Lot’s of people there including foreigners are lining up to get their ticket.

I got my ticket free by registering my self at the official website.

Around 6pm we start walking into the stadium, because of the H1N1 influenza, there are sanitizer everywhere, even the one spray right to your whole body.

My sit was quite far away from the stage, it wasn’t a good view but the good thing is that there are at least 3 big screen showing the artist performing on stage.

The whole festival was actually very up beat, since the artists are from different country, we can see a lot of fans for different group shows their support.

But nothing beats the local fans here, especially the famous Korean group Big Bang and Girl’s Generation, people gone mad when the host announced their name. These 2 groups are among the last group to come out perform, after this there is an encore but it was Super Junior, I was hoping the Girl’s Generation or 2NE1 for encore though.

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