New Contact Form And Comment Form Redesign

Posted on October 2012 at about 1:30 AM by hwa

Thanks to a recent spam attack to my contact form due to the plugin is too old and insecure, I finally decided to get my ass moving and update the plugin to a new one.

Now it’s running on Contact Form 7 (why 7?) by Takayukister, along with Really Simple CAPTCHA (also from the same author) for the CAPTCHA feature. While at it, I also redesign the contact form, making it more appealing, the design idea is came from my post for twitter.

Other than contact form, I also applied the same design to the comment form, did a bit of adjustment to the position for the comment box and etc, just scroll down a bit and you can see the new comment form.

Now you can write comments to this blog with a better form, hope you all like it. 😉

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