Happy Dongzhi Festival 2006

Posted on December 2006 at about 10:10 PM by hwa

Today is Dongzhi Festival (冬至), or Winter Solstice Festival for the English term, which mean midwinter festival and is celebrated by Chinese. During this time the Chinese will eat the cute little rice ball called Tangyuan (汤圆). It had been quite some time i didn’t eat Tangyuan already, kind of miss them though. 😛

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  1. Elaine Wong Says:

    Hi Hwa! I wonder if you would agree with me that DongZhi is not as significant for the young than it is for the older generation as opposed to the CNY reunion dinner. Perhaps this is why you have been missing Tang Yuen. Personally, Tang Yuen is merely sugar syrup flavoured with ginger/pandan and pink, white (though you now can find green and purple) rice balls which taste rather bland. I have tasted the savoury version which is quite interesting compared with the former ie Tang Yuen with minced pork and chinese parsley filling, cooked in meat based soup. I wonder if it is the TangYuen you miss or really, the homecoming itself. Or both? Cheers!

  2. hwa Says:

    yeah it’s true that Dongzhi is not as significant as CNY for youngster, shame to say that i also only know today is Dongzhi last night.

    the Tangyuan i ate since i was small is the dry type that we mix it with groundnut powder with a little bit of sugar, my mom always make that when i was small, the aroma is nice because of the groundnut and it taste sweet. i only have a chance to taste the soup type when i was a little bit older.

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