Google AdSense Collapsing Ad Units

Posted on October 2006 at about 3:56 AM by hwa

If you are subscribing with Google AdSense, and feel that PSAs (Public Service Ads) is spoiling the look of your blog or website, or simply think that PSAs doesn’t make any profit to you, then you may consider to use the Alternate Ads to display something that you like, such as an image or other advertisement, or perhaps you might want to try the Collapsing Ad Units.

Collapsing Ad Units is an alternative way for you to do something with your advertisement space if there are nothing from Google to advertise, in fact the Collapsing Ad Units will just close your advertisement space so that the particular space will looks like normal page without any advertisement. To me i think that this is the best way to preserve your blog or website look.

In order to use the Collapsing Ad Units, first you must download and host a small HTML file on your domain, remember that the HTML file must hosted on each of your domain or subdomain that you display your Google AdSense, you can’t share the HTML file.

To start using the Collapsing Ad Units please do the following:-

  1. Download the collapsing ad units file below by right-clicking and choose “Save Link As…”.
    collapsing ad units file
  2. Upload the collapsing ad units file to your domain/subdomain, please note that each collapsing ad units file only for one domain/subdomain, so mean you have more than one domain/subdomain to do the collapsing ad units then you have to upload collapsing ad units file to each corresponding domain/subdomain.
  3. Login to your Google AdSense account then go to AdSense Setup, enter the full URL path to your collapsing ad units file (like the one below) into the Alternate Ads URL text box to generate your AdSense code.
  4. Copy and paste your AdSense code into your web pages.

Please note that this Collapsing Ad Units will only work if you host your blog/website in an external server or previously upgraded to Blog*Spot Plus.

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