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I Got My Hair Cut!

Posted on September 2009 at about 10:22 PM by hwa

It’s the second day for me in Seoul and I got my hair cut!!



So how is it? Do I look like an idiot?? Haha!!

Anyway, I went to Myung Dong with my brother today, he thought me how to use the subway system so that I can go out on my own next time. Myung Dung is the center of fashion for Korean, it’s like the Bintang Walk of Malaysia.

At Myung Dong, you can see cosmetic shop all over the place, people selling it like hot cake.

Once reach here, we straight went for the Myung Dong Kyoja for our lunch, it’s the Myung Dong dumpling, and the portion is big, actually all the Korean food has very big portion.

I also went to the Starbucks in Myung Dong, in the menu here they lack of one size, the Venti. But you still can order the Venti, just talk to the counter will do. By the way, the Starbucks here also much more expensive than in Malaysia, Caramel Frappucino cost 5800 won, which is around RM16.

After finish walk around Myung Dong, we went to the Nam Dae Mun, it’s a street market just like Petaling Street in Malaysia, a lot Japanese here, almost all the shop keeper here speak Japanese, even if we talk to them in Korean they still reply in Japanese.

I also realize people selling a lot of socks here, one of them is this.

Yes, he is like the representative of all Korean guy, even Japanese call him Yonsama.

We went back around 8PM, and I was having the Korean BBQ for dinner. 🙂

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First day in Korea

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:52 PM by hwa

It’s my first day in Korea, I just reach here this morning, very tired so instead of start my vacation plan today, decided to follow my brother to go for his school football match, it’s a match between his university, Korea University and Yonsei.

Well the match held at Olympic Stadium, Korea hosted the Olympic game on 1988. So here is me standing in front of the stadium. 😛

So once inside the stadium, it was huge! People shouting like mad, it doesn’t looks like a university match, at least not in Malaysia.

There are people who performing throughout the whole match, I should salute these people man, they are so dedicated, even under a heavy rain they still keep performing, with strong wind and all that.

The Korea University won the match, with 2-1, and the goal from Yonsei is from penalty. We went home after that.

At night people celebrating the match along the streets.

Here is the video of the performance I took during the match, note that the football match is actually behind the performers, but no one bothers about the match. 😀

PS: Please head over to my Korea trip gallery for more photos!

Korea (11.09.2009) – Airport

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:56 AM by hwa

Reach Korea today, took my plane at 11 September and it took around 6 hours 11 minutes to reach here. The time in Korea is 1 hour advance compare to Malaysia, so now the time is 11.56am, it should be 10.56am in Malaysia.

I wrote a simple log on what happen in the plane:

– In the boarding room.
– Take off!!
– Eat, supper??
– Sandwich and Coffee.
– Bad weather, slight tremor.
– Turbulence, heavy tremor.
– Start serving breakfast.
– Start eating.
– Omelet, no Nasi Lemak 🙁
– Sipping coffee while watching sun rise ^^
– Start Landing.
– Touch down!!
– Weather 19 Celsius.

Here are some of the photo I took while on the way to Korea. ^^

This is the starting of my trip to Korea, hope it will be an unforgettable trip for me. 🙂

PS: Please head over to my Korea trip gallery for more photos!

Broga Hill (07.09.2009)

Posted on September 2009 at about 10:54 AM by hwa

When to Broga Hill for hill climbing, it’s located in Semenyeh. Well instead of say climbing, it’s more like walking. It’s not a hard hill to climb, but the reward are really great! Especially with all the effort we put on the way up to the hill. 😀

Anyway I uploaded a few of the photo to my gallery, I just simply pick some of the photo to put into the gallery, will update it soon. 🙂

Update: Updated my Broga Hill photo album as promised, in lomo-ed style. 😉

Got My Passport!!

Posted on September 2009 at about 2:16 AM by hwa

Just renewed my passport today, which is the last thing I need to do before going to Korea, the rest just preparation. Damn I’m so in the mood for vacation, 8 days more!! Can’t wait for it 😛

Cameron Highlands (29.08.2009)

Posted on September 2009 at about 1:35 AM by hwa

Just upload some photos to my gallery, it’s under the album Cameron Highlands (29.08.2009), please go and check it out! 🙂

Of course not to forget I uploaded some lomo-nized photos in the album Something For Nothing, enjoy!

Going To Korea

Posted on August 2009 at about 3:29 AM by hwa

Just bought my return ticket to Korea for this coming 11 September at 23:30 Flight MH66, it cost me RM1329 and is discounted already, I will be going there for 2 weeks and come back on 25 September at 11:00 Flight MH67, which mean there are 27 more days to go. 🙂

There are still several stuff that I need to do, one of them is to renew my passport and plan my holiday for that 14 days! So Seoul, here I come!! 😀

South Korea Flag

South Korea Flag