Going To Korea

Posted on August 2009 at about 3:29 AM by hwa

Just bought my return ticket to Korea for this coming 11 September at 23:30 Flight MH66, it cost me RM1329 and is discounted already, I will be going there for 2 weeks and come back on 25 September at 11:00 Flight MH67, which mean there are 27 more days to go. 🙂

There are still several stuff that I need to do, one of them is to renew my passport and plan my holiday for that 14 days! So Seoul, here I come!! 😀

South Korea Flag

South Korea Flag

2 Responses to “Going To Korea”

  1. Vampire Says:


    remember my souvenir ! haha if can pls kidnap back a cute korean boy for me

  2. hwa Says:

    I rather kidnap a Korean chick. Hahaha!!

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