First day in Korea

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:52 PM by hwa

It’s my first day in Korea, I just reach here this morning, very tired so instead of start my vacation plan today, decided to follow my brother to go for his school football match, it’s a match between his university, Korea University and Yonsei.

Well the match held at Olympic Stadium, Korea hosted the Olympic game on 1988. So here is me standing in front of the stadium. 😛

So once inside the stadium, it was huge! People shouting like mad, it doesn’t looks like a university match, at least not in Malaysia.

There are people who performing throughout the whole match, I should salute these people man, they are so dedicated, even under a heavy rain they still keep performing, with strong wind and all that.

The Korea University won the match, with 2-1, and the goal from Yonsei is from penalty. We went home after that.

At night people celebrating the match along the streets.

Here is the video of the performance I took during the match, note that the football match is actually behind the performers, but no one bothers about the match. 😀

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