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Today In KL

Posted on March 2006 at about 1:52 AM by hwa

Went to SG Wang today, and this is what i saw when i was on the way to bus station to go home.



Another angle…



It seem like some kind of cultural performance, but for what purpose i’m not very sure, anyway it was a nice performance though.

So many pictures in just one page, i think i need a gallery… 😕

WordPress 2.0.2

Posted on March 2006 at about 6:25 AM by hwa

WordPress update!! This version fixed some bugs and a very important security issues, according to WordPress team, the problems addressed are unannounced XSS issues.

You can get your copy of WordPress 2.0.2 at here, and the upgrade instruction from version 2.0.1 to version 2.0.2 at here.

Update: Just update to version 2.0.2, works like a charm~~ :mrgreen:

Streamyx Down Again!!

Posted on March 2006 at about 3:46 AM by hwa

Dammit!! Stupid Streamyx down again last night!! And this time for the whole night!!! :evil::evil::evil::evil:

Flashing My K750i

Posted on March 2006 at about 3:46 AM by hwa

Went to flash my K750i firmware on last Wednesday, before this the firmware is for China region, mean it only have Chinese and English language, and the default Java game name, Super Real Tennis is in Chinese too. 😕

I feel very annoying with this you see, suddenly there’s a Java application that’s in Chinese name, very weird. So i went to flash my phone.

After flashed it, now the Super Real Tennis is displayed as Super Real Tennis, no Chinese name anymore, and there are also a lot more language option too!!

But then later on when i check the firmware version, i only knows that they actually downgrade my K750i, god damn it!!! :mad::mad:

Oh well, now i think i have to find some people and ask them to help me flash it to the latest firmware, see when i’m free first… 🙁

Where’s The Love?

Posted on March 2006 at about 8:32 PM by hwa

Recently there’s a group of people from China, together with a bitch, and they are stepping and crushing and killing small animals!!! Record all this in video and sell it to people who have special interest. 😡

WTF is this?? Where’s the humanity go?? Even if they are lack of humanity, don’t they feel disgusting when watching the brain and eye balls all splattered out?? Gosh~! 😡

Ok, for those who still don’t know what am i talking about, you may go here and have a look, but it’s in Chinese, oh and beware, it’s full of violent.

Well you see, the group is actually consist of members who recording videos on bitches that crush on small animals, in the link above is a kitten, there are also other animal as well like bunnies, puppies and so on, the more cute they are the better, just to fulfill those who have special interest, and earn some money by selling these video.

However, there also an investigation is going on here (Chinese also) to dig out who these people are, and apparently it show some result, and i hope someone really do something about this.

Tiresome Day

Posted on March 2006 at about 11:10 AM by hwa

What a tiresome day, went to kl for whole day long, meet my friend from Melaka, so we walks and shops in SG Wang, and my legs, my toes… Damn pain man!! 😥

However i didn’t buy many thing, in fact i only bought one thing, and it’s a bag, a waist bag cost me RM40 🙁

My Bag

Tomorrow is Monday, and i hate Monday! 😡 Monday mean class! And Monday also mean i have to wake up early… 😥 have to do homework already… 😥

New Theme!!

Posted on March 2006 at about 12:53 AM by hwa

Look at my new theme!! W00t :shock::shock: been busy for it for the pass few weeks!!

Actually this theme is from another theme called Blix by Sebastian Schmieg, but then i rebuild the whole CSS file, changed a little bit code and modify a bit the design, the reason is simple, because i want to learn more about CSS, 😛 hope the original author don’t mind about this!! 😛

Anyway this theme is still in it’s early development stage, so far i only tested it on Firefox and IE, so most probably it will looks awkward in other browser. So if you find any bugs in my blog, please don’t hesitate to tell me, thanks a lot! 😉