Where’s The Love?

Posted on March 2006 at about 8:32 PM by hwa

Recently there’s a group of people from China, together with a bitch, and they are stepping and crushing and killing small animals!!! Record all this in video and sell it to people who have special interest. 😡

WTF is this?? Where’s the humanity go?? Even if they are lack of humanity, don’t they feel disgusting when watching the brain and eye balls all splattered out?? Gosh~! 😡

Ok, for those who still don’t know what am i talking about, you may go here and have a look, but it’s in Chinese, oh and beware, it’s full of violent.

Well you see, the group is actually consist of members who recording videos on bitches that crush on small animals, in the link above is a kitten, there are also other animal as well like bunnies, puppies and so on, the more cute they are the better, just to fulfill those who have special interest, and earn some money by selling these video.

However, there also an investigation is going on here (Chinese also) to dig out who these people are, and apparently it show some result, and i hope someone really do something about this.

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