Yahoo! Messenger Beta 7.0

Posted on May 2005 at about 7:31 PM by hwa

Yup! the Yahoo! Messenger is going 7.0 this time, which is cool but still in the beta stage.

While Yahoo! Messenger version 6 introduce audibles, this version it got free worldwide calls!! Wow believe it or not! Worldwide calls from the internet and it’s free!! 😯 Anyway this is what in the official website said.

Free worldwide calls.*

Use Yahoo! Messenger to call and talk over the Internet just like you’re on the phone. All you need is a headset, or a microphone and speakers. It’s that easy – just click the Call button. If no one’s there, leave a voicemail!

You can also get much better sound quality than regular phone lines. Try it out – you and your friends will really hear a difference.

* Emergency 911 calling services not available on Yahoo! Messenger. Please inform others who use your Yahoo! Messenger they must dial 911 through traditional phone lines or cell carriers. Not for use in jurisdictions where use is prohibited. Free calling refers only to internet calling, and requires that you provide your own internet access.

Well i haven tried it out yet, so can’t give any comments out of it, but still you can get your copy of Yahoo! Messenger at here.

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