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Posted on December 2006 at about 9:56 PM by hwa

This morning when i login to my WordPress, i saw this interesting plugin from Weblog Tools Collection, the Custom Admin Menu by Barun. This plugin allows the WordPress admin to customize their admin menu, including hiding some of the links that’s barely used, but that’s not all, you may watch this nice little presentation on what this plugin can do at the plugin website.

Speaking of admin menu plugin, i’m now using another admin menu plugin by Andy Staines, it’s the Admin Drop Menus WordPress plugin, it’s a plugin that will change all your WordPress admin submenu into drop down menu, this allow you to quickly access to the submenu with just one click instead of clicking the main menu and then to the submenu.

I not yet try the Custom Admin Menu but soon or later i know i will, because i started to feel my admin menu is a bit too messy. But i strongly recommend the Admin Drop Menu, it’s a great piece of software and it will save you a lot of time, especially when you are on a very slow Internet connection.

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  1. ikram_zidane Says:

    do you ever saw a wp login page (/wp-admin) like gradient in kotak2.. very2 nice.. but i’m still seeking that one..

    and hey, did you copied my ornament design for the seperator ??

  2. hwa Says:

    u mean like this one here?? as far as i know WordPress MU is using that kind of login design.

    and regarding the separator… hmm… the ornament is originally from photoshop, i just did a little bit of decoration so that it looks like a separator. i’m sorry if it looks like the one from your site, because when i was designing this theme, there are only a few ornament for me to choose in photoshop.

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