The Showcase

Posted on April 2005 at about 12:07 PM by hwa

Yesterday i went to the presentation that i mentioned early before, for those who don’t know which presentation please refer to here. And all i have to say to you guys is that it’s freaking hell scary!!

People from GameBrain, Phoenix Games, Terra ICT and all those big big company was there! Not only that! Even my lectures and tutors also coming!! What the hell they doing there also don’t know! And there are people taking photos, grabbing cams and doing all those shit. 😯

Anyway the presentation went pretty well for me actually, nothing goes wrong and my game run perfectly, although the game is sucks, and at least didn’t choke while talking. 😛

There are five judges who is judging our game, those people are the “Big Guy” from local game company, Mike from Phoenix Games, Kevin and MeiLin (leng lui!! :razz:) from GameBrain, those people are the lead artist, lead game designer, lead whatever shit… Are there to judge our game.

For the marks… Well non of us get a satisfying marks actually, but we did learn a lot of thing, especially those related to gaming industry. We don’t make our game, but we make game for other people, if we can make a game that everyone likes then it’s a good game, or else it will be a piece of trash. Sounds very odd, but that’s how the real world looks like.

And another thing i did learn is, no matter how good your game are, how interesting the story is, how impressive the graphic are, but if you can’t finish the game in time, mean that it’s nothing more than just a piece of shit.

*sign* 🙁 Well!! Now it’s all over already and guess what? Today i just finished my last paper and now is my holiday!!! Woohoo~~!!! Yosh~~~ :mrgreen:

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