The Nami Seom (Winter Sonata)

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:50 PM by hwa

For the pass 3 days I was staying in house due to I fallen sick and also resting at home.

But today is my last day in Seoul and I’m going to visit the Nami Island, or better known as the Winter Sonata place, because it’s the place where the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata was filmed.

The journey to Nami Seom consist of taking the railway, ferry and also taxi, the journey took around 3 hours.

Nami Seom is an imaginary country, and to enter Nami Seom, you need to buy the passport issues from the Naminara, it cost around 5k won, around RM14.

The temperature in Nami Seom is more cooling than in Seoul, probably because here got more trees compare to Seoul.

Nami Seom is a very beautiful island, it’s full of natural habitat and also for it’s famous pine tree lined roads.

Other than that, animals here are running freely across the island, such as ostriches.

Yes! There are ostrich in this island, but of course it’s not native to here.

Other than ostrich there are squirrels which available all over the island!

The main attraction to this island is actually the environment and it’s beautiful scenery, for those who is a natural lover then this is the place that you definitely want to visit.

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