Start Working.

Posted on June 2005 at about 2:57 PM by hwa

Well today is second day of my internship program, yesterday is the first day, so what i have done?? Actually… Nothing!! 😀

Haha!! Ok ok. Yesterday, which is the first day, early in the morning i brought my PC here, that mean my house don’t have PC now and that’s sucks! 👿 Then after a while we’ve been told to uninstall all the pirated software so that we won’t get sued, they said later will have some sort of spot check, so we got freaked and quickly uninstall some of them. 😆

Then soon after that, our supervisor want us to form two group and each of the group create one mobile game throughout this internship. At first we couldn’t think of any game to create, but at last we manage to sort it out.

That’s roughly what happened yesterday, kinda boring. And today it’s even more boring, sitting here do nothing while waiting for the outline to finish.

But that’s for now, i think after the outline is finish and our idea been approved, then I’ll be very busy. 😥

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