Sony Ericsson K750i

Posted on February 2006 at about 3:42 PM by hwa


Bought my SE K750i before chinese new year, been using it for a while now, so far so good, until now there aren’t any serious problems occur, accept for the firmware update, it seem like i can’t update the firmware by using SEUS II. 🙁

Anyway, overall the phone is great, the camera is great, the ringtone, LCD screen and all those multimedia stuff, they are just like what you heard from other Sony Ericsson user. However it take times for me to get used to the phone, especially when typing SMS. I’ve been using Nokia phone for quite some time and already get used to the Nokia system, so i’m actually having problems with this phone when i just bought it. But now is ok already, accept for the SMS input system, i still prefer Nokia.

There’s another thing i don’t like with this phone, it’s the keypad. The keys is super hard to press, and all of the 12 buttons are like crowded into one inch square box, furthermore the buttons are all flat! Oh my… 😕

But still, i like the camera 😀 although the camera quality is still can’t compete with digital camera, but 2 megapixel is good enough for a camera phone, the image taken with enough lighting is quite amazing.

Here i include an example of the picture taken by my K750i, during chinese new year :mrgreen:


And now i’m thinking of making a gallery section for my blog! 😎

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  1. Gallery Is Up!! at 22 Nov 2007

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