Some Changes In Weblog

Posted on September 2006 at about 4:33 AM by hwa

Just did some changes to my blog, the major one would be my poor little guestbook, i removed it 😥 for god sake that no body is leaving their message there!! 😡 My guestbook was already been there for like decades ago, but still there are only 8 comments… Sad. 😥

However i added link to all the topics that is related for each of the topic i posted, you can see the link at the end of each entry.

I also added a few categories so that my blog will be more organized, before this i only have one 😳 anyway these categories are:-

  • Blogs – For all my daily nonsense.
  • Breaking News – To talk about international or local news that are worth to know about.
  • Softwares – For latest software updates and tips.
  • Tortoises – For my lovely little Star Tortoise Betty. 😳
  • WordPress – For WordPress updates and tips like plugins and so on.

Oh and another thing, i enabled comments in all of my post, so from now on you guys will be able to leave comments in my blog. 🙂

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  1. hwa Says:

    So now guys start commenting!! 😆

  1. Two New Categories! - 03 Oct 2006

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