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Posted on July 2006 at about 12:55 PM by hwa

Have you ever think of removing those annoying advertisement from your Instant Messenger? I know that it doesn’t effect your chatting experience, but you just don’t feel like want to spare some bandwidth for those stupid advertisement don cha? I know how you feel… 😆

Anyway thanks to me, here i found some tricks to remove advertisement from ICQ Lite and Yahoo! Messenger, Enjoy^^

ICQ Lite

    1. Exit your ICQ Lite.
    2. Go to the folder where you install your ICQ Lite, most probably
      C:\Program Files\ICQLite
    3. Browse to the folder LiteDataFiles, most probably in
      C:\Program Files\ICQLite\LiteDataFiles
    4. Look for the three XML files named banners.xml, datafiles.xml and psearch.xml, write down the name in a piece of paper, or just remember them. 😉
    5. Rename all the three XML files to something else, for example like banners.xml to banners1.xml, anything will do.
    6. Then create three folders, and name them to the same name as the three XML files earlier, which are banners.xml, datafiles.xml and psearch.xml.
    7. You are done now, open your ICQ Lite and the advertisements should disappear. 🙂

Here are the trick to remove advertisement from Yahoo! Messenger, but warning!! this trick will involve the alter of windows registry, if you never play around with windows registry before, or don’t even know what is it, then i would suggest you to stop at here, for i won’t be taking any responsibility if anything happen to your PC, nor helping you to recover it. 😉

Yahoo! Messenger

    1. Exit your Yahoo! Messenger.
    2. Open Regedit and navigate to
    3. Create a new string value and name it to Messenger Ad with the value *(an asterisk).
    4. You are done, now go open your yahoo and check it works or not! 😈

Basically you are done with the Yahoo! Messenger trick, however if you wanted to, you may change the registry value from the quote below to *, which will remove advertisement for other part of the Yahoo! Messenger, like the advertisement while waiting webcam to load, and if you can’t find the registry value, don’t worry, just create one, they all are string value. 😉

Yahoo! Messenger

  • Webcam Upload Ad
  • Webcam Viewer Ad
  • Webcam Viewer Ad Big
  • Webcam Viewer Ad Medium
  • Change Room Banner
  • Conf Adurl
  • Chat Adurl

Please notes that this registry tricks only work until Yahoo! Messenger 8 Beta, it doesn’t work for Yahoo! Messenger 8 Final release. Too bad huh? 🙄

Disclaimer: I will take no responsibility for anything happen to your PC after the tweaks, so do this on your own risks. :mrgreen:

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