Razer Orochi 2013 Review

Posted on August 2013 at about 11:56 PM by hwa

I has been using this mouse for a week and guess what? The battery just died out today. 🙁

The battery consumption is really one of the major flaw for the Orochi, if you plan to use it entirely on Bluetooth mode you really have to reconsider whether to get it or not, imagine changing battery every week, unless you have 2 rechargeable AA battery.

I’m not very sure whether is it because of the battery that I use, I was using the battery that bundled with the mouse, which is Energizer and I think it’s just the normal one. But unfortunately it only last for a week before the battery indicator turn red, and just a day later it started to blink then initially died out. For now, I guess I have to use it with the micro USB cable that come with the mouse.

There’s another minor issue when you using it with the cable, which you might find it very hard to pull the micro USB out from the mouse. Whenever I’m done with the mouse and wanted to pack it, with limited space to grab the micro USB, I find it’s extremely painful to unplug the micro USB, for the first few time you really have to endure the pain and pull it hard.

But I believe this won’t last long as the more you unplug, the micro USB port will loosen a bit and eventually things will get easier, as recently I find it’s not as troublesome to unplug the micro USB.

Well that’s it, that’s the only 2 issues that I’m complaining for the Razer Orochi 2013. Apart from the battery issue, which I kinda workaround it by using the micro USB cable. Other than that I’m very satisfy with the performance of the mouse, and the size is not too small for my hand and just right for portability, the forward and back button near my thumb is mimicking my MX518 therefore I don’t have to change my habit in using mouse, and the ability to change the cursor speed on the fly is really the cherry on top of the cake.

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