Raped By Probability And Statistics

Posted on October 2006 at about 4:33 AM by hwa

Final is coming, and the first subject to test will be Probability and Statistics. 🙁

I’m no good in mathematics, i admit that, especially Probability and Statistics. I’m ok in calculus, not bad in algebra, but not Probability and Statistics. 🙁 I don’t know why they want an IT student to take Probability and Statistics, calculate the success rate in sending data between two different brand of cables? Well this the sample question in my tutorial! 😕

If they really want us to take this subject, they at least come out a questions that’s much more interesting that, such as the success rate of passing this subject with out study! 😆

Life is sucks when you have to force your self to do something that you don’t like you know? Of course i’m not saying that my life is bad just because my exam is coming, what i mean is we only live once, so why bother? It’s true that sometime the condition are not allow us to do whatever we want, but human should enjoy their life, for we are born to be free, freedom is our greatest asset, at least that’s what i think. 😉

Well! Guess that’s all for now, i’m back to study. 😥

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  1. siaoying Says:

    It’s a good page, clean and clear.hahaha, better than me. Wish ur new update will on the track soon. Wish u a happy holiday.Take care~!

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