Pebble Steel Review

Posted on August 2014 at about 7:57 PM by hwa

After 4 months of using my Pebble Steel smartwatch, I feel grateful that I made the choice to buy the watch, it’s been really useful for me.

I pair the watch with my tablet, the Nexus 7 2013, and I use it to relay all the notification from my tablet to me, so I get to read the notification without even touching my tablet. This is very useful for me especially when I’m working, as I easily get hooked up with my tablet when I start playing with it, this will cause distraction and reduce my productivity, it’s not a good image to portray. Other than that, I also use the watch to keep track of my sleep pattern.

The battery life is satisfying, I can use it for at least 3 days without even charging it, sometime can go for 5 days.

Of course I wouldn’t dare to say the watch is perfect, there are still places that I think it can be better. One of them being the buttons, as I mentioned before, the buttons is really hard, even after 4 months of using it, the button doesn’t get to lose that much, I can feel the tactile a bit but not much.

Another thing is, from time to time the notification will cause the watch to crash, when this happen, the watch will keep on vibrate non-stop until I soft restart it, by holding the left + right middle button. This is actually quite critical, because the vibration will drain the battery. There’s one time when I finish charge the watch, unplug the cable and left it on table, then the watch crash. When I check the watch about an hour later, the battery left only 10%.

My review for the Pebble app store is, it sucks. The app store is sluggish, it appear to be heavy load although there are nothing much in the page. Also, there aren’t many apps in the app store for you to play around.

And those are the bad things about the watch, nothing serious.

Though I’m satisfy with the watch, but I will still suggest to wait a while if you are planning to buy one. The Moto 360, which can be a strong competitor for Pebble, will be release soon. From the promo video it looks promising, cool presentation, nice UI, nice design and touch screen!

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