No WoW, No Life

Posted on December 2006 at about 10:51 PM by hwa

Blizzard gave back our tuesday in this week with their live maintenance (every tuesday Blizzard will maintain their WoW server and this could take up to 8 hours) but god took it away and “punish” (shouldn’t be call punish but i can’t think of any better word) us by not allowing us to play WoW for don’t know how long. 🙁

Because of the Taiwan earthquake, causing six out of seven undersea cable which link some of the Asia country to US damaged, hence making internet connection become extremely slow until it’s hard for me to post in my blog. 😡 I don’t know how long they will fix the cable but from what i heard, it will probably take three weeks time!! OMG there goes my holiday!!!! 😥

My WoW play time will expired by the end of this month, so i thought i can play WoW in this few days until the time expired then i start study for my final, but i guess i couldn’t do like this anymore, god want me to be good boy. 😥

Hope everything will be fix as soon as possible, at least before my holiday start, i don’t want to spend my holiday with slow internet!! 😥

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