My Own Content Management System

Posted on December 2006 at about 9:54 PM by hwa

Been rushing assignment for the pass few days, at least for a week, it was terrible. 🙁 During the time my daily schedule was totally messed up, other than sleep, eat and of course bath, i got no time to do other thing, not even shit!! 😆

Anyway my assignment is developing a simple CMS (Content Management System) by using PHP and MySQL as database, the program is simple though, nothing fancy there, the user can post entries from their admin panel and there is a comment system.

I think i will continue develop this piece of software, because before i found WordPress, i always wanted to create my very own CMS software, because back at that time CMS like Drupal, Mambo and many others are too advance and heavy for me, all i want is a CMS that is for blogging purpose, so i found WordPress. 🙂

However for now all i want to do is take a good rest, today i slept until 7pm OMG!! 😯 And i had stop touching WoW for like five days already. 😥

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