My New Nintendo DS Lite

Posted on April 2007 at about 6:28 PM by hwa

Just bought my Nintendo DS Lite today, an awesome machine i say.

For those who wonder what is Nintendo DS, or NDS most people say, it’s actually a handheld game console created by the well known game company Nintendo, the one who created Super Mario few decades ago.

Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS Lite

Well actually before i buy my NDSL, i was struggling to choose between a PSP (PlayStation Portable) or an NDS. The grade A LCD screen on PSP is no child play, it can hypnotize you once you look at the screen! But the interactivity and also innovative game on NDS will guarantee your fun all the time!

So in the end i choose NDSL for the wide variety of games it has, and also the type of game available on NDS as for most of the game in NDS are mini game type and is pleasant to play while you are on-the-move.

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  1. Selina Says:

    wow..u bought NDS! I played my friend’s NDS b4.. It is good because first time I use Nintendo DS stylus for play on the touch-screen NDS..:D
    This is very friendly when I played games ‘doctor’..i forget what name game..I hope you enjoy to play NDS! ^ ^

  2. squaretan Says:

    Nice. What games do you have? ^^ how much u paid for?

  3. cannedguds Says:

    I love al kinds of game console by Nintendo and right now, I have my own Nintendo GB Advanced (which is better, DS or GB?) I like how handy Nintendo Gambeboy is and I have lots of games that go with it….so, okay, it’s not mine. it’s my son’s but I get to play them all day long wihen he’s at school. But don’t think I don’t have time for other important matters. I still do business while playing GB. I even play GB while I’m trying to get rid of man boobs (sigh!). Yes, I do have them but anyway, Nintendo is really great with video games! the original, the one and the only! I think I’ll buy myself a DS. Hey, I still have the Nintendo Family Computer System, y’know! Bought it way back 1986!

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