Multiple Standalone Internet Explorer

Posted on December 2006 at about 6:09 PM by hwa

Ever though of installing multiple standalone version of Internet Explorer in your machine and running them side by side? Maybe you ask why, but sometime for web designer, it’s necessary for them to install multiple different web browser just to see how their website turn out to be before publishing it to the public, and because of the CSS bugs in Internet Explorer, some web designer will actually install multiple version of Internet Explorer in case something odd happen to their website.

Few weeks ago i accidentally upgraded my Internet Explorer to version 7, before this i tried not to upgrade it because majority of my visitors are using Internet Explorer 6, so now i think i need to keep a version Internet Explorer 6.

So i went Google around and i found this website, there you can find all the archives of web browser including all range of Internet Explorer, and further search leads me to here, an installer that contain all the Internet Explorer 3 until Internet Explorer 6.

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