Modem Burned! Laptop Spoiled!!

Posted on November 2006 at about 3:26 AM by hwa

It was two days ago, during night time, as usual i was surfing the Internet, if i’m right there was raining outside, but i was in the air conditioned room and didn’t notice the rain, the rain wasn’t heavy anyway. But suddenly a very strong lighting stroked and i was very sure that i heard a sound “Poop”! And then the whole house went black, accept my laptop.

Straight away i knew that the main switch was off, and i thought something was exploded, so i went reopen the main switch, but couldn’t find anything that’s exploded, maybe it’s just the sound when the main switch snapped off. Anyway, everything was alright accept the modem, yes it burned, but what worst is my laptop LAN module cannot function anymore, it’s spoiled i guess, 😥 and now i’m online using wireless… 🙁

Have to fork another RM65 to buy a new laptop LAN card. 🙁

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