Major Revamp For Twitter Layout

Posted on November 2011 at about 11:43 PM by hwa

If you all have notice, over the pass few days I posted quite a lot of photos, especially from my tweets.

There are reason for this though, one being that I was developing a plugin that can pull images from my tweets and display it in my blog, hence I keep testing it. But now the plugin has complete so I guess I won’t playing much with Twitter photo anymore, at least for now.

The plugin is actually one of the milestone for my blog, as it bring my blog closer to micro blogging, and it also make my tweets much more interesting. 😀 Hopefully I can develop the plugin not only to pull images but also some other stuff, like video or maybe geotagging from Twitter.

Anyway, for now I hope you enjoy my tweet photos, if you see any issue or the layout broken, please do not hesitate to contact me or just comment in the broken post, I’ll get notified. 😉

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