Jongmyo, Chang Gyeong Gung And Soul City Tour

Posted on September 2009 at about 10:26 PM by hwa

Today I went to Jongmyo, it’s a royal shrine for placing the tablets of deceased kings and queens of the Korean Joseon Dynasty.

The shrine is a very nice place with beautiful scenery, a lot of senior members will go there and have a good walk while breathing in fresh air.

The Jongmyo is not as big as the other palace. There are 2 main hall here, the Jeongjeon and the Yeongnyeongjeon.

Jeongjeon is the first and main hall while Yeongnyeongjeon was build when Jeongjeon could no longer accommodate any more tablets.

At the northern part of Jongmyo there’s a overpass link to Chang Gyeong Gung, it’s a palace right next to Jongmyo, so we can go to Chang Gyeong Gung directly from Jongmyo.

The Chang Gyeong Gung is again another palace in Seoul, the Jongmyo was actually a part of the Chang Gyeong Gung, it was when the Japanese invaded and they build a road in between to separate both Chang Gyeong Gung and Jongmyo.

The main entrance of Chang Gyeong Gung is not as nice as the other palaces I visited before, mostly because there are renovation here, and there are no ceremony held in here also.

But there’s a very nice lake in this palace, there are ducks and Koi fish inside the lake also.

Some where at the palace there’s a very beautiful white greenhouse here.

At night me and my brother went to Gwang Hwa Mun for the Soul City Tour.

The Soul City Tour is a bus ride to bring us around the Seoul, drop us at the Seoul Tower for like 15 minutes, then start going back.

The tour is actually not very bad, you get to see Hangan and it beautiful bridge throughout the tour.

PS: Please head over to my Korea trip gallery for more photos!

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