I’m In Deep Shit!

Posted on April 2005 at about 4:26 AM by hwa

Oh god!! I’m in deep shit now!! Just now when i finish posting my blog, yeah the one which i was bragging about my new design, suddenly my course mate messaged me and ask me to check the MGDC forum.

There will be a presentation on 15th April at MDC, yeah i know that and should be ok, it’s part of my Games Application II presentation, so i guess i have to do it anyway no matter how much i don’t want to.

But the problem is, at first it’s just a presentation, where our games will be judged by those who from the industry. But now, since it’s at MDC, so the whole thing getting a little bit different right now…

First, someone from somewhere named Hasnul said there will be a press, so mean there will be quite some people coming, and then he want all of his CEO (CEOs??) to come as well!!

Then this Azmir guy says that there will be visual streaming from the VR Center (what the heck is that??). Whatever it is, this seem not like an ordinary presentation for me.

And later on, this MARCOMM people, Promotion end of MMU (Hilmy said :P), they want to do a pre-show interview before we going to the actual presentation (huh??), and will be conducted by someone from Bernama (where’s Bernama??). But as far as i know, these people just want to see what we will say on that day so that we won’t embarrass our university.

VR streaming?? CEO coming? Visited by MARCOMM with one of them from Bernama??? And if I’m right they said there will be three big projectors to show our game!! 😥 Oh man, I’m not feeling good about this, hope that everything goes well on that day. 🙁

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