hwa2u.com New Theme: Roses Are Red

Posted on November 2006 at about 12:58 AM by hwa

Introducing the latest theme for hwa2u.com, “Roses Are Red”, released on 11th November 2006, a very good figure of date and also to remember a very unhappy incident happened exactly a month ago, which is also the reason why i choose this theme colour mostly black and white.

I name this theme as “Roses Are Red” is because during the design stage of the layout, the only color that other than black and white is red, which is the rose, and i was going to put a few more roses, but the plan changed half way because i couldn’t find other better place to put the rose, and now there is only one rose in this theme, lame huh? 😆

This is actually the first WordPress theme i created so i hope you will like it, and i really hope that you will tell me what you think of this theme, and if you found any bugs or strange behavior of this theme, such as misalignment or anything, either by send me an email or post a comment here, thanks you very much. 🙂

PS: The rose is for her, hope she likes it.

3 Responses to “hwa2u.com New Theme: Roses Are Red”

  1. Mona Says:

    It is Nice!! But for me the colour is too dull already, look down.. 🙁 maybe you should change the colour so that can look more ceria…Haha… 😛
    Thank you hwa… 🙂

  2. 怪胎 Says:




  3. Elaine Wong Says:

    Hi there, Hwa! Nice job! You have a romantic yet regal looking theme. I like everything about your site; I’m sure you have spent many an hour upgrading it and the end result is fantastic! Three cheers to you!

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