Hotmail Sucks!!

Posted on April 2005 at about 6:28 PM by hwa

Today when i woke up and saw my MSN Messenger is disconnected, so like many other people will do, i reconnect it back.

While connecting, my MSN telling me that i have an email, so as usual i just click on it and check my mail, and when i logged in and saw there is only one mail and the mail is actually from Hotmail staff telling me that my Hotmail is approaching limits.


Oh gosh!! Why?? Why until now Hotmail size still 2MB?? i mean Google increase their email size to 2GB (hooray~~!), while Yahoo now is already 250MB. But why Hotmail still maintain the poor eeny weenie teeny tiny 2MB??

What can i store with 2MB?? Email from my friends in oversea with their pictures telling how wonderful their life are, some chain email with some nice little cursed words at the end of the email, and my mail box will start to BOOM!

Forget to mention i stop using Hotmail for quite a long time ago, and only use this mail for register purpose, which mean this email will have lots of spam and advertisement, so i blocked every mail from entering my inbox. But small storage mean i have to delete mails always right? I still have to delete my junk mails yo!!

Nowadays there are so many email service provider giving out more than 2MB storage, if you go and Google it u can easily find email with at least 10MB or something. But the stingy Hotmail still in 2MB?? Aren’t they a bit out of date?? An email service provided by one of the leading company giving out such stingy deal??

Ok ok!! i know it’s free, I’m using the free email service from Hotmail. But yahoo is free also am i right! And not forget to mention Google is free as well???

Oh please MSN!! Do something for your pity Hotmail, your Hotmail ain’t hot no more.

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