Haze Attack!!

Posted on October 2006 at about 5:30 PM by hwa

It’s near the end of the year, mean that the annual haze attack strike back again!! 👿 Every year around this time, our sky will polluted by haze from Indonesia, the same with the city i’m living now, Cyberjaya.

For the last four days, the sky is surrounded with haze all the time, and the vision is very poor, around 4km to 5km away and the view start to become blur. Sun light can’t penetrate the thick haze, however the weather still very hot due to the high level of Carbon Dioxide, and the worst is i can’t sun my Betty!! 😡

The invade of the haze is because the mass burning of oil palm plantation in Indonesia, they practising the Slash and Burn technique to clear the forest and then use it for planting, the ash will provides some fertilization. It’s easy and low cost, but give a very deep impact to the environment.

Haze in Cyberjaya

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