Hari Raya In Seoul and Cheong Gye Cheon Stream

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:41 PM by hwa

Today is Hari Raya, the main festival for the our Muslim counterpart in Malaysia, but I’m now in Korea so I went to the Malaysia Embassy to celebrate the even.

Every year there is an open house here, Malaysian from all over Korea will come and meet each other and enjoy local food here.

After visiting the Malaysia Embassy, I went to Cheong Gye Cheon. It was Sunday when I visited Cheong Gye Cheon, so there are quite a lot of people there, the river water is very clear, you can even see fishes swimming inside it, the river is very well kept and it’s very clean.

The Cheong Gye Cheon is located somewhere in the downtown of Seoul, it’s the result of urban renewal project of transforming a stream that was mainly for drainage system into one of the famous public recreation place in Seoul.

I believe before the restoration, Cheong Gye Cheon is more or less like Klang River in Malaysia, where the water is brown in color and rubbish everywhere. In fact, part of the Cheong Gye Cheon was covered with concretes and roads are build on top of it. But today, Cheong Gye Cheon has become one of the most successful urban renewal program in the world.

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  1. Hasma Says:

    nice place..wish to go there some day..^^

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