Good Bye Holiday…

Posted on May 2005 at about 3:29 AM by hwa

Well! Tomorrow i will going back to KL! Er… should say later in the evening, it’s 2.50AM already. 😆 And this mean that my holiday is going to finish, only few days left. 😥

This holiday can say not as bad as last time, at least i don’t have to spend it all alone. I mean i make some new friends, three of them totally, they are nice, giving me a really precious memories. Many thing have happened, funny, laughter, joy… All the good thing are packed together and shared each one of us.

For me i have a weird thought that i think there’s no “Friendship Forever” such thing. Friends come and go, those who you consider as “Best Friend” will soon become just “friend”. 🙁

But don’t you people think the same? I mean, when we go to primary school, we make new friends. Then when go into secondary, some of our friends go other place, we lost them, then we make another new one. The same thing will happen when we continue our journey.

Darn!! Feeling so heavy now, been such a long time since i have this kind of feeling, i hate it. 😥

Wish you luck my friends, all the best… 🙂

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