Final Exam

Posted on May 2006 at about 4:32 AM by hwa

Today, i mean yesterday, was my first paper, the subject is Virtual Reality. When i was in the exam hall and first look at the exam paper, it seem like most of the question looks familiar to me, mean i know how to answer lar, so i think the exam should be easy though.

But thing changed when i was about to answer the questions, i just couldn’t remember most of the term, or the name!! 😥 Was it “Put-Me-There” or “Take-Me-There”?? “Discrete Geometry Modeling” or just “Discrete Modeling”??? ❓

*Sign* can’t help though, i’m just sucks in memorizing things… 😥 I hope that my lecturer are not strict in marking terms and names, after all i feel that this subject is more toward practicals rather than theories, then i will be alright with this subject.

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