Damn It!!

Posted on April 2005 at about 3:09 PM by hwa

Yesterday when i got back from Ipoh, after taking my bath and having my dinner, i got nothing to do so i decided to surf the Internet for a while. But then when i fire up my IE, i noticed some extra button near the address bar there… Shit! Spyware!! 👿

Damn i hate those website cheating people to install some stupid thing in order to download their stuff!! They are abusing the term of sharing. Of course it’s not me who cause this PC infected, it was my stupid yet stubborn sis. :evil::evil:

Actually i tried to remove the stupid thing before but it still there, so this mean i have to format my PC again. Formating PC of course is not a fun thing to do, you have to back up everything, and setting as well, especially if u have whole lots of shit inside your PC!

Anyway after wasted my two hours time and now my PC is back to normal already, hope my PC will keep in this healthy condition for at least after i go back to university. 😕

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