COEX Mall And Aquarium

Posted on September 2009 at about 11:38 PM by hwa

I went to COEX MALL today, it’s located at the Samseong-dong.

COEX is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia and there’s a big cinema complex with 16 screen hall called Megabox.

But however, when I went there it seems like all the shopping complex only concentrated in one floor, I don’t know though probably I just don’t know the way. But to me the main attraction is the COEX Aquarium.

The COEX Aquarium, is the only theme-oriented aquarium in Korea, fishes are group into their origin like Deep Blue Sea, Seven Seas, Marine Touch, Ocean Kingdom, The Inca Empire and Amazonian World, each theme inhabit it unique type of fishes base on their origin.

To me it’s a fascinating experience to see these fishes, there are a lot of exotic fish like the Piranha from Amazon, and also some other animals like otter and turtles!!

I spend around 2 – 3 hours walking around and watching fishes in the Aquarium, then after have my dinner and go back home. 🙂

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